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Price and pricing are two of the least used marketing tools and tactics in today’s marketing world, and that includes both online and offline marketing. We can show you how to analyze your pricing strategies, gain competitive advantage and maximize revenue from every sale. Your topline revenue increases as fast as you implement the right strategy.
Mr. Allman likes to write and most often uses his research and analytics background to solve big problems in big markets. The markets Dale writes for include business, self-empowerment, health & fitness, motorcycles and outdoor fun including topics like VR, anxiety relief, pricing, marketing content and more.

He has a long career in marketing, analytics and forecasting for Fortune 500 companies both from an employee and a consultant perspective. Award winning work is one of Dale's recognized achievements with a recent Silver Lion at the Cannes Film Festival in the Data and Analytics category.

Mr. Allman's early training included degrees in economics and econometrics with a role at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. His research work has been published by the Bank as well as The New York Times. Early focus on pricing in his career led to his current passion for pricing strategies related to price elasticity and charm pricing that actually help businesses grow topline revenue.

Why pricing and the right strategy are so important to your topline revenue. Pricing is the only marketing tactic that has a direct impact on revenue. All the others (product, promotion, placement) are cost centers!

An understanding of context around pricing. Buyers today have an instant price comparison tool with search engines and shopping sites. Gives you the ability to outmaneuver your competition.

The history of price points that end in "9" and how online and offline businesses try to "charm" customers. How you tell customers your prices counts. Most buyers today are desensitized to charm pricing.

A proper technique for looking at prices and demand so you can understand your optimum pricing strategy. Sets your business up for rapid gains in topline revenue. As fast as you make changes in your pricing strategy.
Are you charging too little for your products? If you’re not effectively employing pricing strategies in your everyday marketing plan, you’re just leaving money on the table!

Price strategy is often the least used - yet most effective - tool used in today’s marketing world. Unlike every other marketing strategy, simply changing the price of a product is something every business can do quickly & an instant increase in revenue.

Whether you sell products online or retail, the strategies are always the same. Learn the psychology of price, value and demand from marketing veteran Dale Allman.

You'll learn how to use powerful money making tools, such as… • How to Tell if Your Prices are Leaving Money on the Table • Real Pricing Strategy Results • Psychology of Price, Value and Demand • The Importance of Category and Product • Demand Curves • Strategies for High, Medium and Lower Priced Products and Services

Many more easy to use pricing strategies that will change the way you think about business forever! If you price your products or services properly, you are guaranteed to maximize your profits with every sale. Pricing Strategies will show you how to leverage your pricing for rapid increases in topline revenue.
pricecurves on screen
"Greater than expected demand occurs at odd-ending price points." — Marketing Bulletin, 1997
“Pricing is by far the biggest tool for earnings improvement.”—
McKinsey & Co
“Pricing is the only element in the marketing mix that produces revenue; the other elements produce costs.” — Phillip Kotler
“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven't given them anything else to care about.” — Seth Godin
"The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power.” — Warren Buffett
“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” — Oscar Wilde
"Pricing is the exchange rate you put on all the tangible and intangible aspects of your business. Value for cash."– Patrick Campbell
“Don’t fall into the irresponsible trap of setting low prices. ... Low prices attract cheap customers with luxurious demands.” — Mac Duke
Pricing Strategy: Odd or Even
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