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Digital Publishing

Article Publishing

Flashes of Brilliance - Make More Money Online

Insights from latest research shows the importance of Social Media in planned advertising budgets.
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Beyond YouTube - Make More Money Online

Pervasive use of online video marketing across multiple platforms and tactics. Not just YouTube anymore effective video marketing takes place across multiple channels.
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Paid Search - AI Content Marketing

Paid search or ads on first-page search results is not the same as SEO. Learn more about the differences and how to use paid search.
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HD Outdoor Videos

We produce HD outdoor videos so people who can't or don't want to go outdoors can still get health benefits. Recent scientific research demonstrates that watching outdoor videos with a fully immersive VR headset gets people nearly the same benefits of actually being outside. We design each video to provide the optimum length and subject matter. And with our recommended VR headset, anyone can get amazing health benefits.

Read more about how and why in our recent article here.

Truly New Products

Content Marketing
Based on AI text mining you can improve your content and effectively compete with top 10 search results. We also provide insights into keyword advertisers.
Digital Self Power
Self empowerment programs, quotes and other digital formats to help you succeed - however you define success. We focus on serving up insights from the latest science and research
VR Health
Anyone who can't go outside can still get amazing health benefits from outdoor videos. Several research studies demonstrate the benefit of fully immersive VR outdoor experiences.

Digital Publishing

Online Learning

New Products

About the Founder

Dale Allman

Dale's long corporate career and consulting background in research, analytics, forecasting and marketing leads to highly creative insights. He was using AI before it was cool and adopts new innovative methodologies rapidly. Latest accomplishments include several awards for his work, including one of the first Cannes Film Festival Silver Lion given in his industry. Writing and publishing has always been part of his DNA (pun intended, Dale's initials are DNA). You can usually find him outdoors.

Motivation and Success

We publish motivational and success digital materials
Suitable for your daily success journey serving to inspire you, keep you focused and reinforce the positive, relying on quotable successes of others.
  • Serving up the best quotes in articles, ebooks and a variety of publisher formats (Kindle, paperback, etc.) we aim to support you in your success journey. Our blog is here.

  • Read one of our recent articles, Success for Breakfast, here.
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