2022 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

After we get through today’s poem, we’ll be a third of the way finished with this challenge. Keep the poems coming!

For today’s prompt, write a taste poem. Back on day three, we wrote a smell poem; let’s write about the sense of taste today. Of course, I’m thinking about tasting wine or cheese or chocolate. But feel free to indulge in a person’s taste in fashion, cars, or whatever else requires real taste.

Remember: These prompts are springboards to creativity. Use them to expand your possibilities, not limit them.

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Here’s my attempt at a Taste Poem:

“Them’s the Breaks”

Maybe it’s in bad taste
but I forgot my poem
today or the dog ate it
or aliens abducted me
on my way to the poem
shoppe but there you go
and instead of a poem
I brought you this poor
excuse for prose with
line breaks.

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