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Bring Outdoors Inside

Introduction Science finally catches up with what we knew by instinct. Having spent more time outdoors than in, I can testify to the benefits of being outside. My therapist recently pointed out that most of my photo albums that showed me smiling as I was growing up were taken outdoors. My inside face was usually solemn and subdued. In nature or outside, you feel better, have more energy, burn more calories (ever wonder why you’re hungrier when you’re outdoors?), get sunshine (your body converts to Vitamin D), smile more and generally stay more focused. Within the past year scientific tests […]

Beyond YouTube Video Marketing

This article looks at the current state of Online Video Marketing. This is often mentioned as the second among the top 3 types of digital and internet marketing. And in practice videos and video advertising have branched out beyond YouTube. You will see video ads now on almost every major social media platform. More that three-fourths of marketers expect to increase their use of online video ads in 2022. According to this recent study by Kantar, video ads ranked the highest among all online tactics for the percentage of marketers planning to increase spending. Over three-fourths of senior marketers plan […]

Flashes of Brilliance

(Helicoptors landing at night in the desert generating St. Elmo’s Fire)   We know a lot more now about St Elmo’s fire than the ancient sailors who named the phenomenon. According to the American Heritage Dictionary St Elmo’s Fire is “A visible and sometimes audible electric discharge projecting from a pointed object, such as the mast of a ship or the wing of an airplane, during an electrical storm. First identified as an electrical phenomenon by Benjamin Franklin in 1749, St. Elmo’s fire is a bluish-white plasma caused by the release of electrons in a strong electric field (200 or […]

Local SEO For Small Businesses: 7 Top Ways To Gain Visibility via @sejournal, @mirandalmwrites

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Looking to improve your visibility in a specific neighborhood or region? Check out these proven local SEO tips for small businesses like yours. The post Local SEO For Small Businesses: 7 Top Ways To Gain Visibility appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Get To Know Ad Rank & Learn 3 Ways To Improve It via @sejournal, @brookeosmundson

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Find out everything you need to know about ad rank, why it matters, and how you can improve it without spending more. The post Get To Know Ad Rank & Learn 3 Ways To Improve It appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

CC0 and NFTs: Understanding Ownership

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Intellectual property and copyrights are complicated phenomena with long and convoluted histories. Dating back to the 18th century, copyright laws have evolved and been applied in many different ways across nearly as many legal jurisdictions. Just as varied are the ways in which companies choose to enforce perceived violations of their IP. Games Workshop, for example, the board game company behind the wildly successful Warhammer 40,000 IP, has long disheartened its own fanbase by aggressively clamping down on fan-made content across the internet. In 2019, Disney decided to become the villain in its own real-life movie when the company refused […]

NFTs IRL: A List of the Must-See Art at NFT.NYC

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With NFT.NYC in full swing, creators and community members have come together from all over the world in celebration of art, culture, and all things NFTs. Whether you’re an NFT veteran or relatively new to the scene, there’s bound to be something for you at NFT.NYC. And these experiences won’t just be contained to the grounds of NFT.NYC. NFT creators and Web3 organizations are truly taking over the city, ensuring that enthusiasts and tourists alike get a glimpse of their projects. They’ve ported their work from the blockchain and into the real world with installations, billboards, and activations aplenty. If […]

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils NFT Roadmaps For Facebook & Instagram

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When it comes to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg has big plans. In a panel at the SXSW Festival in March 2022, Zuckerberg said that he planned to turn Instagram into an NFT marketplace. In May, he started making good on that promise. The social media platform started testing NFT integrations with a select set of users. At the time, Zuckerberg noted that Facebook would soon be heading down the same path. “Similar functionality is coming to Facebook soon,” he said. It seems that time may have finally arrived. Earlier today (June 21, 2022), Zuckerberg unveiled […]

The Inspiration for the Artwork Came From My Egyptian Family Roots — Creator’s Interview

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On this joyful day, my guest is Matthew — the founder of The Feral Pharaohs. Chris: The Feral Pharaohs are now available for mint on the Polygon Network. What are these Feral Pharaohs? How did they come into being? In other words, what is the story behind their creation? Matthew: Yes! Minting has been open for a little over a week now with over 620 minted and almost 150 members strong! I wanted to create The Feral Pharaohs as a community for the Pharaohs of the metaverse, for the ones that want to escape their domestication and live the life […]

Owning a Dumpster Bird NFT is an Investment on Many Levels — Creator’s Interview

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Hello community! Today’s guest is Foffej — Artist of Dumpster Birds NFT. Chris: Dumpster Birds are hand-drawn digital artwork creations that represent pigeons of New York. It is unique yet intriguing! Why did you pick pigeons for your NFT project?   Foffej: Our team is based in New York, and we wanted to choose an animal that really represents NYC so it felt fitting we chose the pigeon.  NYC is a rough place to survive as a bird and they’re known for eating whatever scraps of food they can find especially near trash cans. Hence the name “Dumpster Birds” which […]

Google Autocomplete: More than a Free Keyword Research Tool

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Google Autocomplete (often referred to as Google Suggest) is one of the first Google search developments that appeared on SEOs’ radar. Many years ago, Google Suggest was what powered Google Instant results, making a huge impact on users’ searching journeys. SEOs have been using it as a free keyword research tool. Yet there’s much more to this search feature, especially after all the updates Google has introduced, turning Google Autocomplete into a smart and predictive platform of its own. What is Google Autocomplete? Google Autocomplete allows users to easily complete their query by suggesting possible extensions of what they are […]

Top 5 Video Marketing Challenges in 2022 [New Data]

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Video marketers report that it offers the highest ROI of any media format, but those who use it still face challenges with the strategy. The HubSpot Blog Video Marketing Report surveyed 500+ video marketers and asked them about their top challenges, and we’ve compiled them in this post. Read on to learn what marketers are dealing with and how to overcome them in your strategy. Top Video Marketing Challenges in 2022 The top five video marketing challenges are: Lack of time to create video content. Difficulty creating an effective video strategy. Inadequate budget to create video content. Difficulty with the […]

How Instagram’s New Nudge Feature for Teens Could Impact Marketers or Creators

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Instagram is an incredibly popular social media app for teens — in fact, roughly 41% of U.S. teens use Instagram as of January 2021. But the app can be a tricky platform for teens since it inherently fosters social comparison. In fact, Meta reports one in three teen girls say Instagram makes their body image worse. Additionally, teens who are unsatisfied with their lives are more negatively impacted by Instagram. Fortunately, Instagram’s team aims to change that, in part with a new nudge feature. Let’s dive into what this new feature does, and what it could mean for marketers. How Instagram’s New Nudge […]
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