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Everything You Need to Know About Behavioral Segmentation [+ Examples]

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Do you ever ask yourself why you act the way you do? Like why you venture out during a snowstorm to get an iced coffee?  For marketers, behavioral insights are not only interesting but key for understanding their audience, going beyond demographic and geographic data. In order to understand your audience’s behaviors, marketers can implement behavioral segmentation, an analysis that groups prospects and customers into different segments based on how they behave.  Behavioral segmentation is a part of behavioral marketing, a set of methods to collect and analyze consumer behavior data to segment and target audiences with laser-like precision. In […]

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Operations in One Place

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One of my favorite movies is “School of Rock,” which also happens to be one of 2003’s best films. In the movie, Jack Black poses as a substitute teacher at a private school, and, after noticing the students are musically talented, he turns the 10-year-olds into a fully-fledged rock band. When assigning roles to the students, he approaches the class president and deems her band manager because she had the organizational skills needed to help the band run smoothly. “Summer,” he says, “You’re in charge of the whole thing.” When I think about marketing operations, I think of this quote […]

What Is Content Operations? A Straight-Forward Guide

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In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates wrote, “Content is king,” and what was true then is still true now. Content is necessary to the success of a business. If the content is the king, we could say its operations are the queen — or at least a knight. Imagine a startup that wants to create a blog post. It’s a timely post that needs to be up before the end of Q1. Because the startup is new, it hasn’t established concrete operations for blog content. So, the post sits in a Google document with no plan for who uploads the […]
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