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Program Management Vs. Project Management: What You Need To Know

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Projects and programs are needed to push an organization’s goals forward. And behind every project or program is a manager working diligently to ensure everything runs efficiently. But what is the difference between program management and project management? What do project managers and program managers do? Here’s what you need to know: Program Manager vs. Project Manager What is Program Management vs. Project Management Difference Between Program Management and Project Program Manager vs. Project Manager A program manager ensures groups of projects are carried out effectively and are following an organization’s goals. Those groups of projects are referred to as […]

The Business Requirement Document: What It Is and How to Write It [+5 Templates]

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A business requirement document (BRD) is a starting point for any software project or business solution. This document aligns team members on what to build, why to build it, and how to get it done. This article explores the basics of business requirement documents. That includes why you need one, how to write one effectively, and more. We’ve also included the 5 coolest BRD examples from big-name companies. Keep reading for the complete guide. Table of Contents What is a Business Requirement DocumentWhy is It Important to Document Business RequirementsHow to Write a Business Requirement Document in 9 Easy StepsExamples […]
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