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When Tangible Meets Non-Fungible: VeeFriends Promote Johnnie Walker to the Web3

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The top-tier brand of Scotch spirits, Johnnie Walker, drives into the web3 space at the wheel of a “red Lambo of the NFT realm,” namely, in partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends. This jaw-dropping collaboration is a boon for both, as Gary is far from being a newcomer to the world of elite alcohol beverages, having grown in the liquor industry. “…if somebody told 22-year-old Gary that his NFT project would be collaborating with the iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Bottle, he would’ve fallen off his chair,” commented VeeFriends’ founder on the collaboration. Although this partnership is a big deal, it concerns […]

NASA and SpaceX Crew to Deliver Azuki’s Bobu NFTs to the Space Orbit

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The trendsetting NFT brand Azuki never ceases to surprise, driving its large community straight to the Moon. Now, in the literal sense!  Just imagine, the 2K Bean Farmer NFTs by Azuki, stored on the Ledger hardware wallet, are about to travel to the International Space Station! The full collection of Bobus will join the NASA and SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts in their one-month stellar journey. To hype on the upcoming mission, Azuki teased their 280K Twitter community with a joyful post, saying, “One small step for farmers. One giant leap for beans.” The Azuki’s officials have also announced another partnership with […]

Dolce & Gabbana x inBetweeners Are Teasing the Superb Collaborative NFTs with Justin Bieber on Board

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The history-making brand Dolce & Gabbana is known to be one of the pioneering companies to bring top fashion to the NFTs and web3 realm. The latest Dolce’s announcement says the brand is to join efforts with the renowned inBetweeners NFT project for an exclusive NFT collaboration. The news is likely to draw even more attention to the already hyping NFT-focused community driven by Justin Bieber and Gianpiero D’Alessandro.  When you are Dolce & Gabbana, a single tweet is enough to bring the tagged project to the moon, especially when the post keeps a mystery. That’s how exactly it was […]

The Long-Awaited Coinbase NFT Marketplace Has Finally Opened Its Doors to Collectors and Creators

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One of the world’s most reputable crypto exchanges, and the largest US crypto market Coinbase has finally come up with great news for its multi-million audience. So, after six months since the official announcement, the Coinbase NFT marketplace has launched its beta mode on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the company’s official website, Coinbase with “approximately 89 million verified users, 11,000 institutions, and 185,000 ecosystem partners in over 100 countries” now welcomes all NFT enthusiasts to its brand-new platform. To start with, Coinbase is treating the community to the only high-profile NFT collections, including WoW, Azuki, Doodles, and some other […]

Louis Vuitton to Raffle 10 Exclusive NFTs Featuring Louis: The Game’s Main Character

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Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is known to be a major web3 player. After a couple of successful collaborations, the brand is now preparing a new super-limited treatment for its audience.  The novel NFT collection will be tied to the Louis Vuitton x Beeple mobile app game, named Louis: The Game. Launched back in August 2021, the NFT Louis: The Game app acquired a large army of fans. For now, it has 2 million downloads on Google Play and App Store. The Louis Vuitton tokens will feature PFP avatars starring the game’s main character Vivienne. The cartoon guy travels the […]
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