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31 Google Search Statistics to Bookmark ASAP

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Google owns just a bit more than 92% of the global search engine market, which means it is a significant driver of how people look for, and find, information on the internet. In this post, discover key Google search statistics that will help you understand more about how search words, search trends, and how Google search adapts to changing technologies. Table of Contents How many people use Google? How many Google searches per day? Top Google Search Statistics 2023 How To Find Trending Searches Google’s nearest competitor, Bing, only holds 2.9% of market share, while Yahoo accounts for 1.1%. The […]

What is Data Deduplication? A Plain-English Guide

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As a marketer, you likely deal with data in some form on a regular basis. So, how is data deduplication relevant to you? With so much critical information saved on our computer systems, we’ve learned to backup data regularly — including our email inboxes, Word documents, photos, and entire folders of old work. It’s typically a ton of data. Since we usually backup and save our data on auto-pilot, we might not realize just how much has been re-copied and re-saved. Over time, our data storage becomes unnecessarily burdened with redundant copies of data, costing money as data requirements grow […]
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