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20 Tips to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines [+ Examples]

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Your readers are judging your email subject lines. In fact, 47% of marketers in 2022 say they test different email subject lines to optimize their emails’ performance and increase click-through rates. While subject lines may seem like an insignificant part of your message, they are often your only chance to stand out in a crowded inbox. Read on for some tried-and-true tips to help jazz up your subject lines and boost your email engagement. What makes a good email subject line? Before we get to our tips, let’s go over some fundamentals of what makes a great subject line. Regardless […]

Professional Email Address: How to Create One [+ Examples]

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News flash — your email address from high school won’t cut it in the real world. Even if “” is a reminder for your athletic years, it’s not a professional email address and can result in your email being ignored. That said, there’s probably at least one person who has the same name as you, so the email address with just your first and last name is most likely taken by now. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can choose a business email address that any recruiter or hiring manager would consider professional.   How to Create a Business […]

157 of the Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Ever Seen

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I’d venture to guess you get tons of emails in your inbox every day. From coupons to daily deal sites, from newsletters to your mother wanting to know when you plan to visit — it’s a lot to sift through, never mind actually open. So, what does it take for someone to actually open an email? According to HubSpot Research, 65% of surveyed marketers say that subject lines have the greatest impact on open rates. After all, it’s your very first impression of the email. From that first impression, you’ll do your best to judge the content inside. So what […]

26 Brilliant Marketing Email Campaign Examples [+ Template]

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On any given day, most of our email inboxes are flooded with a barrage of automated email newsletters that do little else besides giving us another task to do on our commutes to work — namely, marking them all as unread without reading or unsubscribing altogether. It may not seem like a good idea to add to all the noise. However, according to Constant Contact, the average ROI for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent. Needless to say, email is an important component of a marketing strategy, and its success relies largely on how well you craft your […]
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