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RadioShack Is Back From the Dead As a Web3 Brand

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Just when we thought the 2022 crypto timeline couldn’t get any crazier, deceased American tech retailer RadioShack has been resurrected on Twitter as a snarky Web3 brand. Instead of a one-stop-shop for batteries, computer cables, and remote-control toys, the once-beloved electronics dealer has been reinvigorated as a cryptocurrency swap.  RadioShack has actually existed as a Web3 company for a couple of years now (don’t fret, this isn’t some sort of Mandela effect) thanks to the handiwork of entrepreneur investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. Old business plan: politely sell hdmi cords to customers. New business plan: snappin necks and cashin […]

It’s Official: These Countries are the Biggest Fans and Foes of NFTs

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Web3 is an inherently decentralized phenomenon. Unlike more traditional institutions and infrastructures, this means it’s tailor-made to fluidly operate across international borders. This characteristic has helped creators and developers the world over take advantage of blockchain-based technologies like NFTs. It has also allowed that ecosystem to burgeon into a highly profitable industry whose trade market size now measures in the billions. The cultural and financial shift NFTs have brought about is only expected to increase, with reports estimating the global NFT market size to reach an obscene $13.6 billion by 2027.  Unfortunately, despite huge market impact and continued mainstream adoption, NFTs […]

With NFTs Any Type of IP Can Be Monetized

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The NFT ecosystem has come a long way in the last two years. From being a niche internet microcosm to becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry, if one thing has become clear recently, it’s that NFTs are going to have a major impact on society for at least the next few years. Just as the market has changed since Beeple made international headlines with his $69 million Christie’s auction, so too have the diverse ways that NFTs are being used to monetize intellectual property (IP). Although digital art has always been at the core of the NFT space, music, sports memorabilia, and […]

Fractional NFTs: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

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NFTs can be difficult to understand. Blockchain tech itself makes for some pretty dense reading material after all, and the idea of digital asset ownership — especially when art is concerned — definitely doesn’t help simplify things. But if there was any subsection of NFTs that should (in theory) make more sense than any other, that would surely be fractional NFTs. Fractional ownership is an investment approach that has been around for decades. With fractional ownership, the cost of an asset is split up into fractions and is shared between individual investors — a.k.a shareholders. Of course, fractional ownership can […]

How Will Businesses Really Use Web3? Organizational Culture in the Metaverse

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Business has not been “as usual” for the past few years now. The pandemic drastically changed the way many of us participate in our workplaces and has effectively reshaped the entire U.S. job market. The fact is, the vast majority of employees who can do their jobs from home are doing so. And in lew of face-to-face meetings, virtual offices are quickly gaining popularity. But we’re not just talking about video calls and Zoom happy hours. Metaverse jobs are here – from software engineering roles to making sandwiches at a metaverse Subway. Even established, non-digitally native businesses are looking to […]
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