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How to Create Your First Web Form (Tutorial)

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Forms are often an integral part of a buyer’s journey, and most companies already use web forms as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, and 49.7% say their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool. Forms can vary greatly in purpose — you might use a form to get more sign-ups to your email newsletter, collect email addresses to send coupons and special offers, create gated content for viewers, or allow leads to sign-up for free versions of your product. Ultimately, a form is often the fastest and […]

Web Forms: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you one of the 266 million people who shopped online in the U.S. last year? If yes, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with web forms. Not only do you use web forms to receive information, goods, and services from online stores, but they’re also crucial for the businesses that create them and embed them on their sites. Marketers use web forms for a number of reasons — to complete an order, keep track of a customer’s personal information, or collect lead information. And web forms can have a powerful impact on a business. 28% of marketers say the […]
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