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Is Your Website’s Viewport Configured for Mobile Users? Here’s How to Do It

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You’re out with friends, laughing, having a grand old time — when someone asks the group a total brainteaser: “Why don’t ‘B’ batteries exist?” You’re stumped. Your friends are stumped. You whip out your smartphone and type the question into the Google machine. And boom: Up pops a battery company’s blog post on the nationally uniform specifications for the size of battery cells. It’s exactly what you were looking for, you nerd. But here’s the thing: The content on the website is loading as if you’re looking at the site on the desktop. In other words, the font and pictures are really tiny, and you’re finding you have to zoom in […]

10 Best Mobile Friendliness Tests [+ What Does it Mean to be Mobile Friendly?]

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Nobody wants to sit there pinching, poking, and squinting at their phone just to view your website. So it should come as no shock that 50% of people will use a business less often if their site isn’t mobile friendly, according to Google. But how can you be sure that your website is mobile friendly? Sure, you could check it on your own smartphone. But what about the hundreds of other kinds of phones and tablets that your visitors are using? Today we’ll cover a selection of mobile friendliness tests that will give you clear answers and actionable tips. For […]
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