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Twitter Topics: How to Use It & What Marketers Need to Know

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Twitter Topics makes it easier for Twitter users to sift through the roughly half billion tweets published daily and find content related to their interests.  As a marketer, Twitter Topics can help you stay focused on audiences in your industry that fit your customer profile and join in on conversations that make the most sense for you to join.  In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the platform’s native feature, including:  What is Twitter Topics?  How to Use Twitter Topics Four Ways Marketers Can Leverage Twitter Topics With Twitter Topics, you can follow topics as well […]

Twitter Power Users: What They Are & How to Become One

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Twitter has more than 192 million daily active users — a number that is projected to continue growing over the coming years. However, that the platform has millions of users doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a Twitter power user or that you’ll get thousands of followers, even if you tweet regularly. Gaining followers and engagement on Twitter is easier said than done. Despite your best efforts, it can seem like you’re screaming into a void. Nevertheless, the good news is that it’s possible to grow a following and become a power user on Twitter. In this article, we’ll consider what […]
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