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30+ Remarkable Twitter Statistics to Be Aware of in 2023

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Twitter is among the most popular (and powerful) social media networks. How you leverage the platform depends entirely on how its members use, follow, post, and interact with what they care about. Luckily, there are new statistics to make your social media marketing decisions more manageable. So, how are people using Twitter nowadays? How are businesses using Twitter? And how connected do people feel to a brand due to your Twitter presence? Look at the most remarkable Twitter stats we’ve found for 2023. And if you’re in a pinch, jump to the information you need below: General Twitter Statistics Twitter […]

Twitter Marketing in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

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Twitter is a social networking tool and search engine in which I can typically find the latest information about virtually any topic. This also includes updates from the companies and businesses I care about. Businesses, like HubSpot, are able to market on Twitter to engage users and followers, increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and more (we’ll discuss the “more” shortly). No matter what, Twitter makes it easy to distribute content with countless users. The thought of reaching hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media platform sounds intriguing, right? But how do you actually ensure you’re generating fantastic […]

Will Marketers Continue to Use Twitter in 2023? [New Data]

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With so many changes coming to Twitter, many wonder if marketing on the platform could be impacted in 2023.  While we at HubSpot can’t say for sure what the future holds for Twitter, we surveyed over 100 marketing professionals to get their perspectives on whether they’d still use the platform going forward.  Here’s what we found. Will marketers keep their brand on Twitter in 2023? When we asked if marketers plan to move their brand off Twitter in 2023, 66% of respondents said “no.” Though most respondents said they have no plans to move their brand off the platform, 71% […]

11 Twitter Alternatives Marketers Can Consider [Data + Expert Insights]

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Twitter has been going through many changes over the last few months, prompting some brands and marketers to wonder if they would consider leveraging other platforms. Here are some alternatives if you want a backup in case Twitter changes too much or is no longer the place for your brand. Keep in mind that by including this list of alternatives, we aren’t suggesting that marketers should abandon or majorly pivot a Twitter strategy that works for them. We are merely providing similar platform options for those preparing for potential future pivots. Top 3 Best Twitter Alternatives These alternative social media […]

Twitter Topics: How to Use It & What Marketers Need to Know

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Twitter Topics makes it easier for Twitter users to sift through the roughly half billion tweets published daily and find content related to their interests.  As a marketer, Twitter Topics can help you stay focused on audiences in your industry that fit your customer profile and join in on conversations that make the most sense for you to join.  In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the platform’s native feature, including:  What is Twitter Topics?  How to Use Twitter Topics Four Ways Marketers Can Leverage Twitter Topics With Twitter Topics, you can follow topics as well […]

Twitter Power Users: What They Are & How to Become One

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Twitter has more than 192 million daily active users — a number that is projected to continue growing over the coming years. However, that the platform has millions of users doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a Twitter power user or that you’ll get thousands of followers, even if you tweet regularly. Gaining followers and engagement on Twitter is easier said than done. Despite your best efforts, it can seem like you’re screaming into a void. Nevertheless, the good news is that it’s possible to grow a following and become a power user on Twitter. In this article, we’ll consider what […]
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