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Free The Story: How B2B Marketers Can Use Digital Storytelling To Bring Content Alive In New Ways

How does digital storytelling help B2B marketers bring content to life in powerful new ways? With more B2B buying research and ongoing customer engagement than ever taking place online over the past two years, there have never been as many opportunities to benefit from digital storytelling, yet greater competition has made it vital to create content that truly stands out and engages. Let’s take a look at how well-crafted digital storytelling can propel B2B content to new successes, and how B2B marketers can breathe new life into content in a variety of digital formats. Empathy Transforms Digital Storytelling A shift […]

Why There’s a Need for Creative Storytelling in B2B Tech and How Influencer Marketing Can Accelerate Results

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Today’s B2B marketers have more challenges than ever, making it hard to cut through the noise and deliver results for their companies. In all of their efforts they must maintain a focus on connecting with new audiences, expanding their reach, and building relationships founded on a sense of mutual trust. Here are a few examples of some of the biggest challenges today’s B2B marketers are facing: Finding ways to boost marketing efficiency: Marketers are often expected to achieve greater results with fewer resources, so finding ways to maximize efficiency is critical to achieve success within budgetary parameters. Increasing marketing impact: […]
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