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The What, Why, & How of Social Bookmarking

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If you’ve ever come across a valuable article or website that can help improve your skills as a marketer, you probably want to save it and come back when you can dedicate more time to it. With social bookmarking, you can save those articles or resources you want to revisit in one central location. Let’s review: What is Social Bookmarking? How Social Bookmarking Works Benefits of Social Bookmarking Top Bookmarking Sites How to Use Social Bookmarking {{ sgMacro.render_ftSnippet({ header: “What is Social Bookmarking?”, content_type: “paragraph”, list: { items : [ “This is my first sentence about my post.”, “Now I […]

The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution

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Year after year, hundreds of marketers report increased efforts and spending on content marketing — or the intention to do so. But great content is wasted if your audience doesn’t know it exists. Content distribution is integral to your content strategy, if not the most essential part. This guide will equip you with the tools you need to distribute the content you create. By the end, you’ll be able to build a content distribution strategy that gets your content in front of — and consumed by — your audience. Today, social media plays a huge role in content distribution — […]
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