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The Ultimate Guide to RFPs

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Have you been tasked with the job of creating a request for proposal, or an RFP? Whether you have no idea what that is or haven’t written one in a while, today’s guide can help. We’re diving into the specifics of what an RFP actually is, why you might need one, and how to create your very first one today. To start, you should understand what all these letters even mean. When your company has a new (often large) project, or one that’s more complex and requires a bit of outsourcing, an RFP can help you get the job done […]

How to Write a Request for Proposal with Template and Sample

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Whether you’re working for a small agency or a major marketing firm, you’re probably eventually going to need to fill out a Request for Proposal, or RFP. Your company can’t do everything internally, and when your business needs to purchase a product or service from elsewhere, you might need to shop around. An RFP allows you to collect offers from various vendors and select the vendor that best meets your criteria, both in regards to skill and budget. Any time you outsource work to a supplier, there’s a potential for issues such as miscommunication around the scope of the work […]

RFIs: The Simple Guide to Writing a Request for Information

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Large corporations and government agencies don’t shop around for the best contractors and freelancers the same way a SaaS company or a small business might. Rather than relying on word of mouth, a quick Google search, or a Facebook ad, these organizations follow a procurement process that ensures fair business practices and quality results. As a preliminary step in the procurement process, an RFI gives a company or organization the information it needs to move forward with an RFP and RFQ. But what exactly is an RFI and what does this acronym stand for? RFIs are important because they reduce […]
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