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14 Best Screen Recorders to Use for Collaboration

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For your team, screen recorders can be used for several reasons — from creating tutorials for your website to recording a recurring tech issue to sending your marketing team a quick note instead of an email. Plus, we can’t forget about product demos and training videos that can be used by many departments on your team, from marketing to sales to customer service. Below, let’s learn about the best free and paid screen recording options for your company — whether you work at a small business or enterprise company. What is the best screen recorder? What’s considered the best will […]

How to Write a Powerful Executive Summary [+4 Top Examples]

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for investors for your small business or the CEO of a large corporation, an executive summary can help you succeed and is a critical component for long-term growth. A short, attention-grabbing executive summary is an essential part of your business plan. Done correctly, it will ensure your company becomes or remains a key player in your industry. In this post, you’ll learn what an executive summary is and how to write one that engages investors, customers, and general audiences. Essentially, an executive summary is the front cover of your business plan, convincing readers that it’s […]

The 23 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

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The importance of using a great SEO Chrome extension can’t be overstated. SEO is essential if you want your site to rank on Google, and the right extension can help you automate research and analysis, leading to a more effective SEO strategy. With so many SEO Chrome extensions available, marketers often find themselves spending more time finding a great fit than getting actionable analytics. To help you navigate the crowded world of Chrome extensions, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites for SEO. Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome 1. MozBar Price: Free; MozBar Premium, free 30-day trial, […]

Professional Invoice Design: 26 Samples & Templates to Inspire You

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While your invoices might not be a front-facing part of your business, it doesn’t mean they should be plain and boring. To help you get a sense of the design possibilities, we put together a collection of impressive invoice examples that may inspire you to rethink your current design. But first, let’s review how to design an invoice in the section below. How to Design an Invoice You don’t need to be an expert to create professionally designed invoices. In fact, you can use invoice templates to get started. However, you need to know a bit about the structure of […]

12 Expert-Vetted Sample Business Plans to Help You Write Your Own

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Ask any successful sports coach how they win so many games, and they’ll tell you they have a unique plan for every single game they coach. The same logic applies to business. If you want to build a thriving company that can pull ahead of the competition, you need to prepare yourself for battle before you break into a market. Business plans guide you along the rocky journey of growing a company. Referencing one throughout your voyage will keep you on the path toward success. And if your business plan is compelling enough, it can also convince investors to give […]

Customers’ Top HubSpot Integrations to Streamline Your Business in 2022

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The HubSpot team is excited to share that the HubSpot App Marketplace has officially crossed the 1,000 apps milestone. We’re proud of this milestone because it reflects the combined commitment of HubSpot and our partners to deliver integrated solutions to help you grow better. We know there’s an increasing number of software choices out there for your growing company. And that trend is only going to continue: A recent IDC white paper commissioned by HubSpot predicted that the cloud computing industry will only continue to grow over the next three years. Blissfully estimates that all SaaS categories will continue to […]
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