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Op-Ed: We Need a New Blueprint for NFT Marketplaces

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One of the primary reasons I was drawn to Web3 was the concept of a new ecosystem where creators are fairly compensated for their work. Verifiable ownership of digital assets, on-chain provenance, and the ability to create and record in an immutable way — Web3 has the potential to completely disrupt the wonderful but exploitative industries of art, tech, finance, music, and more.  To me, this looked like the future. I still feel this way. Despite the current actions of marketplaces, I am confident that, as an industry, we will correct the course and remember why we’re here building this […]

Neal Stephenson Reveals How He Created the Metaverse

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When New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephenson first coined the term metaverse in his 1992 cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, he set a high bar for other science fiction authors to come, including the worlds subsequently created in films like The Matrix. His immersive literary technique and attention to detail in each of his works – Seveneves, Anthem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon – have created a world that, today, we are actually working to build: this next-generation information era, dubbed Web3. As one of the most popular sci-fi books of all time, Snow Crash’s first inception was a graphic novel undertaken by […]

Exclusive: Yuga Labs Executive Talks Dookey Dash, Hacks, and What’s Next

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You might say that Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash was a success. At least, that’s what the hundreds of thousands of hours people spent playing the game and the nearly 37,000 ETH in Sewer Pass trading volume on the secondary market would indicate. When the game’s two-week run ended on February 16, few in the Web3 space were particularly surprised by the achievements of this latest gamified minting mechanism of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. But that near-blasé response to Dookey Dash’s smooth execution is compelling evidence of Yuga’s increasing ability to pivot to the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sector via […]

Exclusive: Doodles Unveils Doodles 2 Details and Flow Expansion

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If there were to be an influential NFT moment fit for a drumroll, the long-awaited announcement of Doodles 2 would surely be it. An ecosystem expansion that has been in development for about a year now, the anticipated next iteration of the beloved Doodles project is finally on the horizon. But surprise: it won’t be taking place on Ethereum. While this may come as less of a shock to fans who have been following the brand since 2021 — considering plans for Doodles 2 were originally unveiled this past summer — a cross-chain undertaking of such magnitude is certainly not […]
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