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Solving the Crisis of Disconnection: How to Unite Your Brand Around Growth [Expert Tips & Data]

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This post is a part of The Crisis of Disconnection, a thought leadership series examining the latest research and insights to uncover how businesses can meet their growth goals, even amidst unprecedented changes to the way we work. Despite our hyperconnected world, reaching customers and target audiences has never been harder. And, as we continue to see a shifting economy, evolving platforms, and constantly changing audience preferences, unless we take action the Crisis of Disconnection will only grow in 2023. In this blog series, we’ve brought you up to speed on the Crisis of Disconnection, while outlining how the growth challenges […]

The 2 Simple & Straightforward Methods for Market Sizing Your Business

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When you’re considering a new venture, one of the first things you should do is determine whether there is a valuable market for it. Imagine putting in months of hard work to realize that there are only 100 people in the U.S. who will potentially buy your product. Knowing this early on will enable you to make educated business decisions and decide what’s worth pursuing. Discover the methods to calculate your market size and accurately measure your business’ revenue potential. There are several reasons why every business should spend time sizing its market: It helps you determine if it’s a […]

3 Reasons So Many Business Strategies Fail (And How To Succeed), According to the Strategy Hacker

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Do you remember when you were introduced to long-division in grade school? You found yourself needing multiple steps to solve a single problem. It probably seemed like a very daunting and impossible task before your math teacher showed you a hack that broke down your seemingly endless series of steps into only a few. The same can be said about business. Initially, we all have to go through “long-division” level processes, procedures, and series of daily tasks. These might include entering a new marketplace, testing out new messaging and branding, pushing for new profit margins, or onboarding new clients. But […]

Business Strategy: What It Is & How to Build an Effective One

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In the business world, professionals are obsessed with tactics because they can help them meet their short-term goals. But if all you do is focus on the short-term, you won’t spend enough time or energy figuring out how you can succeed in the long-term. Fortunately, building a strategy can help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals. Strategy focuses on principles, which help you think, instead of tactics, which help you execute, so it allows you to concentrate on why your business does certain activities, not just how you do them or what you do. Read on to learn […]
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