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Lian Dolan: On Finding the Right Place and Right Time

Lian Dolan is a writer and talker. She’s the author of three best-selling novels, The Sweeney Sisters, Helen of Pasadena, and Elizabeth the First Wife. She’s a regular humor columnist for Pasadena Magazine and has previously written monthly columns for O, The Oprah Magazine and Working Mother Magazine. She’s also written for TV, radio, and websites. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Lian Dolan In this post, Lian discusses the years-long process of putting down and picking back up the idea that would become her new novel, Lost and Found in Paris, the challenges of publishing a book in […]

4 Truths About Dealing With Grief All Writers Should Know

Writers, as those of you reading this know well, are artists. We have the ability to put into words what others feel but cannot convey—whether it is love, anger, envy, or, as it so happens, the heavy weight of grief and despair. According to existential theorists like Irvin Yalom, death is one of the “givens of existence” for human beings, and how we approach this “given” has a profound impact on the way we find meaning and lead our lives.  (5 Ideas for Writing Effective Grief in Fiction.) As writers, we have a powerful responsibility in the words we serve […]
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