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How to Determine Your A/B Testing Sample Size & Time Frame

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Do you remember your first A/B test you ran? I do. (Nerdy, I know.) I felt simultaneously thrilled and terrified because I knew I had to actually use some of what I learned in college for my job. There were some aspects of A/B testing I still remembered — for instance, I knew you need a big enough sample size to run the test on, and you need to run the test long enough to get statistically significant results. But … that’s pretty much it. I wasn’t sure how big was “big enough” for sample sizes and how long was […]

How to Do A/B Testing: 15 Steps for the Perfect Split Test

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When marketers like us create landing pages, write email copy, or design call-to-action buttons, it can be tempting to use our intuition to predict what will make people click and connect. However, you’re much better off conducting A/B testing than basing marketing decisions off of a “feeling”, as this can be detrimental to your results. Keep reading to learn how to conduct the entire A/B testing process before, during, and after data collection so you can make the best decisions from your results. A/B testing can be valuable because different audiences behave, well, differently. Something that works for one company […]
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