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Self-Publishing Courses: Top 5 Online Publishing Courses for Authors [UPDATED]

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Why are there new self-publishing courses popping up on the market each day? Because the self-publishing industry is hot, and gaining traction at record speeds! The time has never been better to write and publish a book, especially in the booming world of books and publishing. The perfect student for a self-publishing course might be in these situations: You’re thinking of writing a book, but are stressed about navigating the self-publishing process all on your own. You’re familiar with how to self-publish, but you’d just like some expert guidance to make sure you’re actually doing it right. You’ve already self-published […]

Self-Publishing School Review: A Report at Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School

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If you’re looking for a Self-Publishing School review, it’s probably because you’re an aspiring author looking for a self-publishing course on how to write and publish a book. As you research how to write a book, you’ll come across several self-publishing companies. And more than likely, one of them will be Self-Publishing School. A quick Google search that includes the term “self-publishing” will likely land you on one of the company’s resources, whether it be a blog article, a YouTube video, or an advertisement. Or even other reviews of Self-Publishing School! So, let’s take an honest look at this self-publishing […]

12 Best Self-Publishing Companies [UPDATED]: Guide to Self-Publishing Companies

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Know the best self-publishing companies of 2022 to stay ahead of the curve as an aspiring author. No two self-publishing companies are the same, so don’t rely on trial and error when it comes to working with publishing companies as an author. In a world of scammy vanity companies eager to take an author’s money, you have every reason to be cautious. It’s more important to do your research and understand which self-publishing companies can actually help you publish a book that’s high quality, without running your investment dry and selling you empty promises. You’ve worked hard learning how to […]
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