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8 Steps to Launching an Online Learning Academy Your Customers Will Love

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73% of people say customer experience impacts their purchasing decisions. Which means, nowadays, companies are looking for fresh ways to keep their customers happy. Many companies are doing this by launching customer education programs and online learning academies that give their customers access to resources, blog posts, webinars, knowledge centers, and certification courses that help them learn about their product, troubleshoot problems, and ultimately realize product value. The HubSpot Academy is an excellent example of this. Launched in 2012 as a way to help its customers learn and apply new marketing skills to grow their business, The HubSpot Academy has evolved into the […]

What is Content Governance? 4 Easy Steps to Create a Model in 2022

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Without a content governance model in place, your content marketing efforts can seem scattered and chaotic, opening the opportunity for your audience to replace you with a competitor. Content governance keeps your relationship with your customers thriving, and allows you and your team to more effectively focus on your content goals. In this post, we’ll cover the topic of content governance — what it is, why it’s important, and how you can create a model for your business. The goal of a content strategy is for your company to create meaningful and engaging content that aligns with your business objectives […]
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