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24 Best Free Marketing & Sales Icons for Your Website or App

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I’ve abandoned numerous websites that were crammed with excessive text and bulky images due to their challenging navigation and overly bookish appearance. Being both a marketer and a customer in one, I naturally lean towards using icons. They are visually appealing, convey information and intent instantly, and make clicking effortless. But not all businesses use icons to their full potential. So, I scrutinized dozens of websites and apps and talked to industry experts who’ve witnessed the “iconicness” of icons to gather their insights. Explore how to use marketing and sales icons in the best ways possible. We’ll cover: Why use […]

7 Visual Hierarchy Principles for Every Marketer

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Ever click on a website, take one look, and say, “Hm, that’s going to be a no,” and look for the exit button? For me, it’s usually because of three reasons: the site looks outdated, crowded, or hard to navigate.  This is why visual hierarchy is so important in web design, as a bad website can keep visitors from gaining interest in your brand. Here’s an easy guide for understanding the key design principles of visual hierarchy to draw your audience in, keep them engaged, and generate conversions.  Table of Contents What is visual hierarchy? What constitutes bad visual hierarchy? […]

How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]

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Learning how to create an ebook can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to write the content, but you also need to design and format it into a professional-looking document that people will want to download and read. You might already be familiar with fiction or non-fiction ebooks, but what exactly is an ebook in the marketing industry, and why do they deliver such great results for marketers? In this post, you’ll learn: What is an ebook? Ebook Benefits What ebook file format should you use? How to Write an Ebook Ebook Ideas Ebook FAQs Let’s get started. 36 […]

36 Beautiful New Ebook Templates [Free Download]

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Did you know that landing pages have the highest conversion rate at 23% than other types of signup forms? It’s true, but landing pages don’t convert visitors to leads all by themselves. If they don’t have attractive and compelling offers behind them, they won’t generate the leads your sales team is looking for. That’s why it’s so important to create valuable content people want to download, and then package it in a way that’s visually appealing to your readers. An ebook is a practical content choice that delivers so much value to your audience that they won’t mind submitting a […]

The Ultimate Collection of 200+ Best Free Content Marketing Templates

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Whether it’s writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an ebook, starting a new piece of content from scratch can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, content marketing templates can make things easier. These templates can help with design and inspire you as you develop various processes to reach potential and existing customers. Instead of trying to master how to create every type of content in existence, cut down on the stress and inefficiency. Get inspired by our collection of free, customizable content creation templates. Below is a list of each type of […]
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