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The ‘March Madness’ Effect on Company Culture — Win or Bust?

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Welcome to HubSpot Perspectives, a series where HubSpotters weigh in on the latest business and marketing trends. OK, admit it. Have you watched a March Madness game during work hours? I may or may not have had a game on in the background working from home. And I’m not alone. According to a recent study, over half of fans (51%) watch March Madness on the job. This is a big reason why some say the tournament draws negatively on worker productivity. However, others argue that companies should embrace the madness for the good of company culture. Many already have, and […]

10+ Reasons Why Overworking is Bad for Your Health (and Your Career)

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Overworking has become the norm for many professionals. While being constantly plugged in can make us feel safe, connected, and in the know — both at work and at home — it also means we never really clock out. We reply to emails after work hours, take work calls at home, and even take a few hours out of our weekend for some work. The rise of remote work has even further blurred the lines between the end of the work day and time on the clock. Studies consistently show that chronic overwork can damage your health, hurt your career, […]

What is Business Casual in 2023? Give Your Office Outfit a Gut Check

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I remember my first internship — more specifically, its dress code, which left me googling, “What does business casual mean?” Then, I took a shopping trip for blouses, comfortable slacks, and sensible flats to replace my sneakers. During the tech boom in 1990, many tech companies opted for more laid-back, innovative workwear. This led to the origin of what’s known as “business casual attire.” Soon, other industries and businesses followed, acknowledging the importance of employee comfort over the traditional formality of office wear. But what exactly is business casual attire? Though the term is mostly ambiguously defined, there are some […]

40 Office Costume Ideas for Marketing Nerds & Tech Geeks

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Halloween is a fun holiday, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves — especially if it falls on a weekday when most people have to work. Fortunately, there is still a way to indulge in the spooky holiday while in the office — dress up and join your office’s Halloween festivities! How many days of the year are you encouraged to dress up and goof around at work? Probably just one — Halloween — and even then, it can be hard to know what’s office-appropriate. We want you to have fun this year, so we’re taking the work […]

Inclusive Language: How To Use and Promote It at Your Organization

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Language has the ability to build relationships and forge connections, but it’s equally liable for creating barriers and impacting someone’s sense of belonging.  Using inclusive language, and having workplace conversations devoid of exclusive language, means employees are more likely to feel like they belong and can be their authentic selves at work.  Here we’ll explore what inclusive language is and provide examples to ensure you create an inclusive workplace and inclusive marketing material and 2022 and beyond.    To explore how you might promote inclusive language at your organization, I spoke with some experts at HubSpot who have first-hand knowledge […]

10 Best Ecard Makers to Show Your Customers You Care

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According to HubSpot research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that companies often look for creative ways to continue delighting their audience. A simple method to add a personal touch to your interaction with customers and leads is to use ecards. You can opt to send greetings to customers in marketing emails or install a widget that allows customers to send an ecard when buying a gift for someone else. Better still are companies that allow you to make an ecard online for […]
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