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Email Analytics [Research]: 8 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Track

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Part of my marketing job is to send emails and track their progress, so I know a lot about the most crucial elements of optimizing an email, common marketing email mistakes, and what inspirational email marketing looks like. But at the end of the day, it doesn‘t matter how optimized my emails are if I can’t properly track my email analytics or if I’m unsure what metrics need my attention. Fortunately, my experience sending email marketing materials, such as newsletters, has given me a wealth of knowledge I’m happy to pass on to other marketers and business owners. Let’s explore […]

32 Free Advertising Tips for Your Small, Large, or Local Business

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When you work at a small business with a limited budget, it’s not really possible to shell out $340,000 for a 30-second TV commercial or $10,000 for an email marketing campaign. Thankfully there are plenty of avenues for online free advertising. It can be frustrating when your budget dictates how many people your business can reach. We’ve compiled some free and inexpensive ways to promote your local business: How to Advertise a Local Business How to Get Free Advertising How to Advertise on Google for Free 1. Use Google My Business to optimize for local search. One of the most […]

The 18 Most Creative Ad Campaigns in History

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I’ve always been a little leery of proclaiming anything “the best.” I never declared anyone my best friend as a kid because I was afraid my other friends might assume I thought less of them. So it was a little difficult for me to come up with just one “best” advertisement of all time—which is why there are 18 in this post instead. But why are these some of the best ads of all time? Because of the impact they had on brand growth and because they hit on some universal truth that makes them memorable years after they first […]

What is Comparative Advertising? [+ Examples]

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Comparative advertising is a marketing tactic which helps to drive brand awareness by comparing their product or service to a competitor. When executed correctly, comparative ads can successfully convince consumers to do business with one brand over another. But, this strategy requires care and attention, especially as companies may find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit. In this post, we’ll delve deeper what comparative advertising is, give real-life business examples, explain the legality of using the strategy, and present pros and cons that you can use to make the best decision for your business.   With half of US […]

How to Prepare an Advertising Plan [Free Template]

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Turning an idea for an advertising campaign into reality isn’t exactly simple, but it always begins with creating a concrete and detailed advertising plan. Your plan will help you present a clear path for return on investment (ROI), get buy-in from leadership, and share your proposal with relevant stakeholders.  Follow Along With HubSpot’s Free Ad Plan Template   In this post, we’ll explain what an advertising plan is and highlight the major sections you should include in your advertising plan so you can guarantee your next campaign is a success.  Advertising Plan Template Pro Tip: HubSpot created the following advertising […]

The Ultimate Guide to Advertising in 2022

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When you hear the word advertising, what comes to mind? Do you think of banner ads on your favorite website? Those hilarious Super Bowl commercials? The billboards along the highway or posters in the subway stations? While most of us have a pretty good idea of what advertising looks like, we often struggle to nail down exactly what it means — and how to do it well. From the printing press to pop-up ads, advertising has certainly changed with the times. Despite this, though, the need for advertising hasn’t changed, and neither have the techniques and best practices that make […]
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