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3 Tips on Launching a Kickass Podcast, from My First Million Producers

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The pandemic birthed a rise in puppies, planting flowers in Animal Crossing, and podcasts — with 1.1m+ shows launched in 2020 alone. But soon, the podcast phenomenon plateaued. New podcasts decreased a year later, and in 2022, fell by 80%. 😬 Would you ride this rollercoaster? Be honest. Source: NiemanLab Does this mean the podcast train has left the station? No more tickets available to savvy hosts and sultry voices? Not at all — your podcast just can’t suck. Luckily, podcast geniuses Darren Clarke (executive producer of My First Million) and Kal Elsebai (HubSpot’s senior manager of podcast strategy) shared their tips […]

How To Create a Podcast, Develop an Audience, and Get Your Novel Published

I must be honest: When I decided to turn my debut novel, Messenger, into MESSENGER: A Podcast in 16 Episodes, I had no idea what I was doing. How did my life-long dream and journey to publish a book take a detour, a clinamen (one of Messenger’s concepts defined as a slight swerve that changes everything)? Creating a podcast was the last thing I expected. (5 Things I Learned From Co-hosting a Book Podcast) Timing Is Everything: Get It Out Messenger tells the story of Messenger, a mysterious woman who delivers life-changing messages to seemingly random people all over New […]
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