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9 Ways Self-Publishing Changed My Life (and Will Change Yours Too)

As an editor and instructor who has a family and also writes novels “on the side,” I thought I was busy. Then I pressed the publish button and realized I hadn’t seen anything yet. Are you thinking about publishing that thriller, self-help book, or short story collection you’ve housed all safe and sound in your computer for years? Congratulations! That said, this is to warn you that once that book sees the light of day, your “normal” will hit the ground running and never look back. Your work as a publisher is about to ooze into all the nooks and […]

Is It Easy To Self-Publish For A First Time Author?

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Yes, it’s very easy to self-publish a book if you are a new author. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, your manuscript in a Word docx file, and a book cover image. Once you create an account with a publishing platform, you are ready to publish your first book. Self-publishing an ebook is the easiest way, and anyone can do it. But if you want to publish a print book, you need to know just a little about page formatting. The quick and easy way to self-publish your first book By far, the easiest way to […]

5 Digital Self-Publishing Skills New Authors Need To Master

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You know how to write a book. But new authors also sometimes need to develop their digital self-publishing skills. When it comes time to publish your new book, you need some basic computer and technical ability. You don’t need to be an expert. But self-publishing is an online process, so you need to be confident that you can do almost everything required to publish your book. Luckily, most aspects are easy or relatively quick to learn. What skills do new self-publishing authors need? I could write a long list of the self-publishing skills authors need to write, edit, market, promote […]

Minimum And Maximum KDP Word Count, File Sizes, And Pages

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It’s not easy to find definitive information regarding a minimum or maximum KDP word count for Kindle ebooks. For many new self-publishing authors, finding related information on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Help can be challenging. If you are looking for maximum file sizes or numbers of pages for print books, you have to dig very deep. So to save you some time and perhaps frustration, I’ve done some research that will hopefully provide you with answers. Can a book be too short or long to publish on Amazon KDP? Yes, there are limitations on the number of pages in a […]
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