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Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Correcting Submissions Before You Hear Back

Everyone makes mistakes—even writers—but that’s OK because each mistake is a great learning opportunity. The Writer’s Digest team has witnessed many mistakes over the years, so we started this series to help identify them early in the process. Note: The mistakes in this series aren’t focused on grammar rules, though we offer help in that area as well. (Grammar rules for writers.) Rather, we’re looking at bigger picture mistakes and mishaps, including the error of using too much exposition, hiding your pitch, or chasing trends. This week’s writing mistake writers make is tying to correct errors in your submission before […]

Announcing the Get Published in 2022: Breaking In Resource Directory

We’re excited to announce the Get Published in 2022: Breaking In Resource Directory from Writer’s Digest magazine, which collects advice from 41 agents, 39 debut authors, and 27 small presses, to help writers make 2022 the year they get their book published. Let’s face it: Breaking into traditional book publishing can be tough work. After you write and revise the book, there’s finding an agent or an independent publisher. And all of that includes time spent researching instead of what you really want to be doing—writing. So, Writer’s Digest has done the work for you. The Get Published in 2022: […]
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