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Tom Sachs and Nike Give NikeCraft Trainers to Fully-Assembled NFT Rocket Holders Free of Charge

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You must have already known Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory by numerous collaborations with top world brands. Recent Tom Sachs & Tiffany, Chanel, and other top-tier partnerships brought the skyrocketing designer and his team to the top of the rankings. The recent team-up is no-less grandiose, as the NY-based artist has developed a series of phygital sneakers dubbed NikeCraft trainers in collaboration with Nike. While the utility is the core value, which draws more people to NFTs daily, this Nike-branded cartoon Rocket will come accompanied by a physical pair of NikeCraft trainers. It’s noteworthy that the contemporary designer has taken up […]

The NFL is Launching The League’s First-Ever Blockchain Video Game

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As great as it has been to see young artists starting their careers in the NFT space, this technology has also opened up loads of opportunities for established brands and IPs to better engage their audiences. In the past year alone, we’ve been privy to the rise and fall of NBA Top Shot, car manufacturers like McLaren and Lamborghini minting NFTs, and Time Magazine releasing an entire issue as an NFT. Even the WWE has entered the mix. The NBA and WWE are far from the only sports entities engaging with NFTs, though. Following the strong presence of NFTs at […]

Nike and RTFKT’s Dotswoosh.eth Domain NFT Is the Tenth ENS on the List of Alike

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Nike-owned RTFKT Studios has recently added another .eth domain name to its rapidly growing list of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NFTs. The purchase of dotswoosh.eth for 19.72 ETH or about $35,000 at the time of the deal has grown the number of domains to ten in total, including these: Artifacts.eth, RTFKT.eth, Drmos.eth, MintVial.eth, Dreamos.eth, SpaceDrip.eth, DripCoin.eth, M2tekno.eth. The reason for dotswoosh.eth purchase is still shady but the large Twitter community is actively discussing rumors on Nike’s intentions to issue subdomains in the long run. This means that any user could personify their crypto-related domains under dotswoosh.eth, like YOUR NAME.dotswoosh.eth. As […]

Decathlon and Séan Garnier Have Launched a Phygital Collection of Sneakers for Street Footballers

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With over 1,700 on-land stores around the globe, Decathlon enters the top 5 world’s greatest sportswear retailers. Like many others, Decathlon decided not to confront the NFT movement but join it. That’s how the Kipsta Barrio, an exclusive collab collection with freestyle football icon Séan Garnier, came to life. A world champ, as well as a prolific sneakers designer, introduced the collection of 2,008 limited-edition phygital sports shoes to give a nod to his skyrocketing career. The sneakers for freestyle football are designed with the athlete’s needs in mind, alongside, keeping up with the fashion trend. Each pair of sneakers […]

Thanks to NFTs, When a Team Wins so Do Fans (Literally)

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After disrupting the art and music industries in 2021, NFTs have successfully made their way into the sports sector. In February 2022, a series of NFT projects took over the Super Bowl, and the following month an array of exciting NFTs stole the limelight during March Madness.  The increasing popularity of sports-centered non-fungible tokens is good, especially for fans who want the opportunity to earn financial rewards without gambling. Further, NFTs are bringing fans closer to their favorite sports and players than ever before. Take for example, the Golden State Warriors. The team has released responsive NFTs that will unlock […]

Skateboarding NFTs and the Explosive Rise of ‘ABD Collectibles’

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“During the pandemic, I got super into collecting Kobe Bryant cards and Pokémon cards,” professional skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi told nft now, recounting how his upcoming NFT project came to be.  At 33-years-old, Capaldi was at the height of his skateboarding career when Instagram came onto the scene. Skateboarders, perhaps more than athletes in any other sport, had to get with the times or they’d be left behind. “Our careers really were the bridge between the old model of skateboarding with magazines and video parts, and posting footage every day on Instagram,” Capaldi added.  Given that the skateboarding industry isn’t on […]
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