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7 Soft Skills You Need to Achieve Career Growth

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Is there someone (or hopefully, several someones) at your company who it seems like everyone wants to work with? Perhaps it’s someone with amazing soft skills which get them pulled into brainstorms. Or maybe they’re the go-to consultant for some of the most impactful business issues. Or maybe it just seems like everyone on your team really, really likes them. Soft skills have the power to grow your career in the same way hard skills and talent can. But what exactly are soft skills? And why are they so important to growing your career? Keep reading to find out, or […]

The Best Story Framework for More Engaging Storytelling [Example]

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Even if you’re not a professional storyteller, you can use storytelling frameworks to share more engaging narratives in your content marketing copy. You’ll not only be able to tell your company’s story more effectively to stakeholders, but you’ll be able to write more effective, readable material that converts users into loyal customers. Whether you’re writing for your website, blog, social media profiles, presentations, or online offers, the framework discussed below will help you gain confidence in storytelling and start telling better stories in business and in life. Let’s get started. Why use a storytelling framework? As content strategists, we should […]
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