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How This NFT Project Is Helping a Species Go ‘Unextinct’

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Hype. What image does that word evoke in your mind? Is it a massive super-conference? A truly exclusive drop? Goblins? For wildlife photographer Tim Flach, it’s Spix’s Macaw taking flight in the wild for the first time in 22 years. On June 11, 2022, Spix’s Macaw became the first species to go “unextinct,” with a group of birds being released in Bahia state, Brazil. To celebrate the watershed moment in animal conservation, Flach partnered with Atlas Labs and the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP) for his debut into the NFT space: Project Unextinct — a collection of […]

Australia Zoo Partners to Launch NFTs on Carbon Negative Blockchain

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Time and again, NFTs have proven to be viable tools for funding noble causes. They’ve been used to raise money for wartime refugees, medical debt forgiveness, and conservation efforts. That last application for NFTs is particularly poignant, considering how the environmental impact of Ethereum — the most widely used blockchain for NFTs — is one of the most often levied points of criticism towards NFTs as a whole. This is part of what motivated Australian green NFT startup Meadow Labs’ to partner with Australia Zoo on the Wildlife Warriors NFT drop. The drop celebrates the 20th anniversary of the wildlife […]

New NFTs Offset Marketplace Emissions. The Price is $17M.

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Despite all the buzz and hype surrounding NFTs, the early stages of the technology have been mired in controversy. Perhaps the most often cited point of criticism for the technology — and cause for hesitation for any of its would-be adopters — is its environmental impact. So, how bad is it? Los Angeles-based artist Kyle McDonald ran the numbers himself and went to social media to share his findings. The price of progress CO2 emissions generated by Ethereum have skyrocketed in the last year alone. (Source: Kyle McDonald) McDonald’s calculations essentially lined up with most public estimates on the energy […]
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