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Editorial Review: How To Get Them, Why They Matter

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Reviews are an essential part of marketing, and editorial reviews are no less important. Reviews help you with your rankings, are a simple way to convert word of mouth marketing to social media, and provide credibility for your book. However, just as it’s difficult to make sales it can be difficult to get an editorial review. Getting those five-star reviews can help you immensely, so let’s talk about reviews in more depth. In this article we discuss: What Is An Editorial Review? How To Get An Editorial Review Do Editorial Reviews Cost? Why Editorial Reviews Are Powerful For Authors  Before […]

How to Sell Your Novel: Learn Essential Steps Here

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Writing a book is hard work. The crying, frustration, and stress of getting all those words down on paper (and it is fun!) but let’s be honest: Writing is work. Knowing how to sell your novel is even more work. But what about selling your book once it’s published? Marketing Your Novel This is—for every author—when the real work begins. You created this great book, and now, you have to sell it and try to recoup your money from the initial book production investment. Now, I said it was a lot of work, but it’s the part of the process […]
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