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$8 Million in Crypto & NFTs Mysteriously Burned

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Burn, baby! Burn!  This week, an unknown crypto user by the name of “nd4.eth” has garnered attention after “burning” or destroying approximately $8 million worth of cryptocurrency and high-valued blue-chip NFTs – with no explanation – leaving the crypto and NFT communities baffled and deeply curious. Unraveling the Mystery of the Spiritual Ethereum Burn! Mystery Wallet nd4.eth aka 0xEfbBc3fa829aF506Bc7AfE1a0C31B3c7419456F7 has ignited the crypto world with a shocking act – burning a staggering 4.6 million dollars worth of #Ethereum! But why? Let's dig deeper into… — captainteemo (@teemojoshi) August 7, 2023 The anonymous trader destroyed $3.3 million worth of the […]

Ape of Faith: Yuga Labs’ New CEO Buys Bored Ape NFT for $90,000

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The Alpha: Yuga Labs’ new CEO, Daniel Alegre, bought a BAYC NFT for 50 ETH (approximately $90,000). The purchase was slightly above the floor price at the time, and the move helps demonstrate Alegre’s belief in the project and his understanding of the importance of community. Dive deeper: Daniel Alegre, CEO of Yuga Labs, just made a splash in the NFT world. On May 10, 2023, he purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for 50 ETH on Blur. At the time, the purchase was equal to about $90,000. Why is this so notable? When Alegre made his purchase, the […]

BREAKING: Yuga Labs Founder Taking Leave of Absence for Health Reasons

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Moments ago, Wylie Aronow, one of the co-founders of Yuga Labs, announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from the company for health reasons. In a tweet, Aronow (better known by his pseudonym, Gordon Goner) stated that he had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure by his doctor. “Symptoms started last year out of the blue and I put off seeking help (like an idiot) so I could keep working. But after testing, my doctor called and asked me to radically change my life,” he wrote. In order to tend to his health, Aronow said he would […]
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