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Is a Cover Letter Necessary in 2024?

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Writing a cover letter can be daunting. I’ll never forget my college career coach, who made writing a cover letter look easy. Even with her tips, I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to talk about myself and hype up my accomplishments. While it acts as a letter of introduction, I’ve wondered if a cover letter is necessary in 2024. To find out, I spoke with two recruiters and gained insights on how to write the best cover letter for any job application. How important is a cover letter? Is a cover letter necessary? When to Skip a Cover Letter When […]

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship [Examples & Template]

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Writing a cover letter can feel like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a lot of real-world experience. Fortunately, a cover letter is actually a chance to explain how your extracurriculars and classes have taught you exceptional leadership and time management skills. We’ve created an internship cover letter template to provide some initial structure and inspiration. For the best results, download our template, then add your own creativity and flair with the tips below. There are different formats you can use when writing internship cover letters, but you can’t go wrong with the traditional business letter format. Business […]

Letter of Interest Tips, Templates & Examples [A 2023 Guide]

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In today’s competitive job market, a carefully crafted letter of interest is a powerful tool for standing apart from the crowd. In this post, you’ll learn how to write an outstanding letter of interest that gets you noticed, builds interest, and elicits positive responses. What is a letter of interest? Letter of Interest vs. Cover Letter How To Write A Letter of Interest Letter of Interest Example Letter of Interest Template What is a letter of interest? A letter of interest lets a company know you want to work for them in a role they’re not currently or openly hiring […]

The 12 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

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Fun is not something typically associated with writing a cover letter. However, with a few tweaks, writing one doesn’t have to be a burden. The cover letter examples below demonstrate that it is possible to have a little fun with your job search — and maybe even make yourself a better candidate in the process. It may be true that only 35% of recruiters admit that cover letters do not materially influence the hiring process for them, but that doesn’t mean yours has to contribute to that statistic. In fact, it might be that cover letters are deemed insignificant because […]

15 Cover Letter Templates to Perfect Your Next Job Application

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Are cover letters necessary? I’m not in HR, but I’ve been approached by applicants who wondered whether their cover letter would actually be read. My answer is one not many of them wanted to hear: “sometimes.” Sometimes it will be read. Other times, you can get away with just sending in your resume — like when you network your way into applying for a position. The truth is, you can’t really predict on a case-by-case basis — and you’re better safe than sorry. For the most part, having a cover letter will give you an upper hand in ways your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Cover Letter

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Nowadays, companies have a computerized system that puts resumes through an online scanner which will automatically reject some applicants and push other applicants through depending on their qualifications. So, What does this mean for you as a job seeker? Well, the cover letter attached to your application is more important than ever. We’ve crafted this ultimate guide to cover letters. You’ll find out how to write one that gets read, what to include, and browse tons of templates to gain inspiration. You can dive straight in, or jump to the section you’d like to read. How long should a cover […]
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