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Where Are These Viral Social Media Platforms Now?

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From TikTok to Clubhouse to Lasso, it seems like new viral social media platforms are popping up every day. Furthermore, many of the ones that were once en vogue have suddenly waned in popularity. If you’re a marketer, keeping up with these trends can be difficult but necessary in building and maintaining a strong audience. Over the years, we’ve kept you up-to-date about the social media platforms you should care about. But you may be wondering, where are these viral social media platforms now? And which ones are still worth investing in? Here’s what you need to know. Viral social […]

TikTok Trends B2B and B2C Marketers Should Watch in 2022

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According to Hubspot Blog Research, 44% of marketers currently leverage TikTok. As the short-form video platform continues to grow, some brands are struggling to figure out where they fit in. In fact, a 2022 report by InVideo shows that around 50% of brands like Google and IKEA still aren’t leveraging the platform. In this article, we’ll cover the top TikTok trends at a brand marketing level, how to find trends on the platform, and tips for joining them. Top TikTok Trends 1. More businesses are exploring the platform. According to HubSpot Blog Research, TikTok is the number one platform marketers […]

8 Data-Backed Recommendations for Social Media Marketers in 2022 [Insights from 300+ Professionals]

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The start of the new year is an exciting time for marketers to re-evaluate their social media marketing strategies and take advantage of new opportunities as social platforms evolve. From new features to algorithm updates and disruptive social apps, keeping up with these changes can be challenging, but also allows you to tap into exciting new possibilities to help your company grow better in 2022. To help you get the most of your social media strategy in the new year, I recently published findings from the HubSpot Blog’s Social Media Trends Survey, where I collected data from more than 300 […]

How the Pandemic Changed Social Media: 6 Quarantine Trends Here to Stay [Data + Expert Insights]

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At the beginning of the lockdown, many of us were unable to see family or friends. All social plans were cancelled — practically overnight. And, in the midst of so much stress and chaos, many felt more alone than ever. Which is why people turned to social media in an effort to find a sense of connection and community.  Social media became a refuge — a place to post authentic, relatable content and form relationships virtually when in-person wasn’t an option.  And as Lala Fevrier, Wayfair’s Senior Associate for Influencer Marketing, puts it, “When restaurants, schools, and businesses shut down, […]
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