Snapchat Will Launch NFT Filter Update Later in August

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The social media giants are gradually adopting blockchain and NFTs to meet their users’ ever-growing demands. Not willing to drag behind Meta, Twitter, and others, Snapchat also starts experimenting with non-fungible technology. Thus, the social media platform is testing the feature allowing Snap users to show off their NFTs as in-house filters.

But that’s not all. According to the press release, Snapchat is developing a breakthrough opportunity, allowing users to mutate non-fungible pictures into AR filters. The augmented reality-backed masks are said to be available to overlay on IRL landscapes.

Snapchat promises to release the new non-fungible updates later in August. Until then, like it was with Meta, the company is planning to launch a worldwide big-scale test drive with a few NFT artists in August. Thus, the creators will be processing and minting NFTs on another platform to later upload them into Snapchat as Lenses. Besides, the NFT operations via Snapchat are said to be free for creators. Currently, the social media giant is thinking over the ways the latter can monetize their NFT artworks through third-party collaborations. 

The NFT filters by Snapchat sound like something totally beneficial and profit-generating. Are you waiting for the platform’s NFT endeavor as much as we are? Share your thoughts with the community on our socials!

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