The Best NFT Utility? Near-Space Travel.

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The utility of an NFT can be a multitude of things: membership to an exclusive community or DAO, a ticket to a virtual or physical event, and much more. While the community is somewhat divided on whether NFTs actually need to have utility, much of the allure comes from gaining access to a one-of-a-kind experience.

NFT Expoverse hopes to grant such an opportunity to one of its attendees on July 30, the second day in a jam-packed three days covering everything Web3 and NFTs. Via the Event Horizon Giveaway, one lucky eventgoer has the chance to do what only a small portion of humans have ever done: go into space. Or at least, a close approximation of that.

Through a partnership with space tourism agency World View (as well as LunarAstranaut, and The Planetary Society) the first-place winner of the Event Horizon Giveaway will receive a five-day trip aboard the World View Explorer — a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon that flies at an altitude of 100,000 feet. While that’s much lower than the actual line where space technically begins (most agree it’s around 264,000 feet), winners will still get an incredible view.

a view of earth from 100,000 feet
World View flight preview at 100,000 feet.

And that’s not all eventgoers will be eligible to win at the three-day conference, though. Prizes at the giveaway are sorted into tiers due to the nature of the giveaway itself — winners will not be selected at random. Instead, prizes will be given to the event attendees who have accrued the most points doing tasks created by the NFT Expoverse team. Of course, purchasing tickets (especially VIP ones) is weighted highest in the list of tasks.

The second and third-place prizes keep in line with NFT Expoverse’s space theme. Some may even prefer the second-place prize over the trip into near-space, as it includes an all-expenses-paid trip to meet Bill Nye the Planetary Society’s CEO. Lastly, the third-place prize is slated to be a ‘zero-gravity’ experience.

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