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Fox Develops Its NFT-Focused TV Subdivision by Adding $100 Million of Funding

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Even against the background of the overwhelming downtrend, NFT madness is capturing more and more media space. Currently, the media giant Fox Corporation has announced its intent to invest a whopping $100 million into the experimental NFT TV-related shows. To bring its intentions to life, Fox hires Rick and Morty’s creator Dan Harmon, who’s developing the brand-new NFT series dubbed Krapopolis. The latter is called the “first-ever studio show curated on the blockchain.” Moreover, a specific division called Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) was created by Fox in partnership with Bento Box Entertainment to develop the NFT shows.  Thus, Fox Corporation […]

Meta’s Launching a Digital Wearables Store

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There’s so much news coming from Meta, eh? And yes, we are here to deliver you another Meta-related portion of information, as the company is entering the digital wearables market. Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent post on Facebook announces the creation of the brand-new web3 clothing store dubbed Meta Avatars Store. The news arrived during Instagram Live with Instagram’s vice president of fashion partnerships Eva Chen. For now, according to the chief executive, the exclusive wearables via the store will be available for buyers from selected regions, including the US, Canada, Thailand, and Mexico. The Meta Avatars Store will allow dressing […]

Ukraine to NFT-size Every Cultural Artwork to Save the Historic Legacy from Russian War Machine

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Russian heavy artillery keeps “denationalizing” Ukrainian land, razing to the ground architectural marvels, historic sites, and museums housing masterpieces of international value, to say nothing about schools, churches, hospitals, and living blocks. According to the recent UNESCO report of June 13th, since February 24th and up to this day, Russia has damaged at least 143 religious sites, museums, historic buildings, libraries, cultural centers, and monuments, while some international experts speak out about Putin’s deliberate targeting of iconic Ukrainian landmarks. Thus, amidst the overwhelming devastation of the Russian plague, Ukraine aims to digitize “every single piece of art or history” it […]

Tom Sachs and Nike Give NikeCraft Trainers to Fully-Assembled NFT Rocket Holders Free of Charge

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You must have already known Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory by numerous collaborations with top world brands. Recent Tom Sachs & Tiffany, Chanel, and other top-tier partnerships brought the skyrocketing designer and his team to the top of the rankings. The recent team-up is no-less grandiose, as the NY-based artist has developed a series of phygital sneakers dubbed NikeCraft trainers in collaboration with Nike. While the utility is the core value, which draws more people to NFTs daily, this Nike-branded cartoon Rocket will come accompanied by a physical pair of NikeCraft trainers. It’s noteworthy that the contemporary designer has taken up […]
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