Lamborghini-Backed Vincenzo Sospiri’s Racing Team to Authenticate Car Parts with NFTs

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NFTs have long ago stopped being just JPG pictures stored forever on the blockchain. For example, the NFT certification has become a fast and meaningful way to prove the authenticity of anything, starting from ownership rights to car parts certification.

Thus, Lamborghini-backed, former racing champ Vincenzo Sospiri’s Racing (VSR) team has partnered with NFT platform Go2NFT and blockchain company Skey Network to authenticate automobile parts by means of NFTs.

According to Vincenzo himself, the NFT technology will largely benefit the racing team. “This also brings great responsibility – to ensure that we can securely authenticate and audit every part of our racing fleet to monitor performance and ensure provenance. We are excited to pilot with Go2NFT and the renowned team at Skey Network to build NFT certification across our cars and other products to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality,” the former Lamborghini team champion said.

While most racing brands face difficulties in the attempt to protect their intellectual property rights, NFTs can fully cope with the issue.

We believe that NFT utility can help create more trust and transparency for brands and their fans. This project with VSR is just the start of many such co-operations for beloved brands across the globe,” Go2NFT CEO Boris Ejsymont said.

To substantiate all the above stated, VSR plans to expand its NFT certification program to official merch and many other products, which will definitely raise the trustworthiness of the brand in its fans.

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