2022 February Flash Fiction Challenge: Day 18

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Flash Fiction Challenge

There are a lot of ways to write about time. Is it running out? Stretching out? Suspended? Is it being represented by a clock or a time machine? Is your character trying to get it back or are they trying to extend it?

For today’s prompt, let’s write about time.

Remember: As mentioned yesterday, these prompts are just starting points; you have the freedom to go wherever your flash of inspiration takes you.

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Here’s my attempt at capturing time:


The kitchen timer was shaped like a tomato. It was something that split my memories in two directions. I remembered the timeouts sitting in the corner, my sister grinning at me from across the room. And then I remembered weeknights sitting on the kitchen counter, watching my father chop onions and hum under his breath.

When I look at my daughter and my nephew, just now starting to crawl, I wonder what they’ll remember in twenty, thirty years. What memories will sweeten into nostalgia, called up in unexpected moments? 

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