2022 February Flash Fiction Challenge: Day 20

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Flash Fiction Challenge

For today’s prompt, let’s focus on something that needs to be found. Is it a lost object? Person? Something more intangible, like a memory? It’s up to you!

Remember: As mentioned yesterday, these prompts are just starting points; you have the freedom to go wherever your flash of inspiration takes you.

(Note: If you happen to run into any issues posting, please just send me an e-mail at mrichard@aimmedia.com with the subject line: Flash Fiction Challenge Commenting Issue.)

Here’s my attempt at writing about something being lost:


They were standing in a line, hands clasped, backs against the bobbing line that signified where it was safe to swim.

Maddie tightened her hand on Leo’s wrist. He made an unhappy sound but didn’t try to squirm away like he usually did. They watched as the adults started walking slowly, their feet sweeping wide arcs in front of them.

“Why are they doing that?” Leo said.

“They’re looking for that little boy,” Maddie said. “They’re making sure he’s not under the water.”

“Do you think he’s in the water?”

Maddie let out a slow breath, the way their mother did when she was trying not to be upset. “I dunno, kid. Maybe. Hopefully not.”

Leo watched his sister’s face, but she didn’t take her eyes off the line of people pushing through the water. He shifted a little closer to Maddie. Under her fingers, his heartbeat was steady and fast.

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