28 Writing Prompts for the 2022 Flash Fiction Challenge

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Find all 28 prompts for the 2022 February Flash Fiction Challenge below. I will link each day back to the original post with a super concise prompt. Just click the link if you need more guidance or ideas on how to come at the prompt.

Happy writing!

Flash Fiction Challenge

28 Flash Fiction Prompts for the 2022 February Flash Fiction Challenge!

Day 1: Write about a key
Day 2: Write something circular
Day 3: Write something based on the dialogue “Where does this lead?” “Nowhere good.”
Day 4: Write about a dream coming true
Day 5: Write about a mystery

Day 6: Write about a character attempting to be heartfelt
Day 7: Write about a workplace drama
Day 8: Write about the grim reaper
Day 9: Write about something being regifted
Day 10: Write something romantic
Day 11: Write about someone being somewhere they shouldn’t be
Day 12: Write about magic.

Day 13: Write about someone or something being possessed by something … unnatural.
Day 14: Include an animal character in your story.
Day 15: Write about a hobby.
Day 16: Write about a hoarder.
Day 17: Generate your plot based on this list of objects
Day 18: Write about time.
Day 19: Play with a horror trope.

Day 20: Write about something (or someone) that’s lost.
Day 21: Have your character face their fears.
Day 22: Feature the phrase “the door is open.”
Day 23: Write a story that takes place in less than 10 minutes.
Day 24: Write the shortest story you can.
Day 25: Write a story that ends with a promise.
Day 26: Structure your story as a list.

Day 27: Give physical form to an idea.
Day 28: Write about an ending that doesn’t end.

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