All Owners of Our NFts (first 1000 created) will Split 10% of Profit in first 1000 Holders — Founder’s Interview

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Codinca Razvan Mihai is a Co-Founder of Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT, Marketing & Casino Marketing Specialist, Shopify Expert & E-commerce Specialist.


Chris: Web 3.0’s first pawn shop is opening through the Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT. What does the Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT aim to provide to the holders?

Razvan: The utility of  Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT is unmatched , people usualy invest in Nfts that brings profit in a short term. All Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT holders receive profit – share from all developments, and this is only the beginning.

Chris: Curiously, the Yoseo Pawn shop has only 1000 NFTs .What is the reason behind the small NFT collection?

Razvan: This is the Gold Collection ( 1000 nfts that will gain 10%(double compared to regular collection) profits in profit-share).Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT is made up of 1000 unique NFTs that are generated from over 200+ traits.

Chris: So, there is an upcoming regular collection as well? yes we have an upcoming collection with 10000 Nfts that will split 50% of profits thru profit-share program .This collection is called silver collection and will contain 10000 unique nfts with over 500 traits.

Razvan: Please tell us more about those tokens. When will they be released? Everything is set , the launch date of silver collection (whitelist )will be on April 12 ,every gold collection owner is registered for whitelist in the regular (silver) collection. 

Chris: Also, we read that the inner circle of the Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT will take decisions and provide exclusive benefits.

Razvan: The Inner Circle is based on Holders of Yoseo Pawn Shop Nfts : 5 gold collection Nfts and 5 silver collection gives you guaranteed access to Yoseo Pawn Shop Inner Circle. All the members of inner circle will take important decisions regarding land aquisition, pawn shop development , lending budgets and much more.

Chris: What are these benefits, and how will they be accessed by the holders of the Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT?

Razvan: We will accept only blue chip Nfts and other collections that have more then 30 days since sold out , all the accepted Nfts collections will be discussed and approved by all of us and the inner circle after everyones vote. Inside each Pawn Shop we will have galleries with NFTs for sale , the incomes will grow from month to month after Pawn Shop Gallery will contain many NFT`s. Huge Banners will be posted in front of Pawn Shops for everyone that wants to advertise in Metaverse for a monthly fee. The Inner Circle will have early access to pawned galleries if they want to buy nfts from pawn shop galleries at lower fees.

Chris: What is the launch date for the Yoseo Pawn Shop NFT? Do you also have a presale coming up?

Razvan: Launch date for presale is set for 12 of April and 14 of April the Big Sale. We are already all over Decentraland on every banner available, i am sure this project will have huge success, not just for utility but we created an awesome community. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Similarly, what will be the price of the token at the minting date? How much of the cost goes towards gas fees?

Razvan: The minting price is set 0.1 ETH for Gold Collection ,and the silver one will have different prices : Whitelist 0.077 and Sale 0.098. The network we choosed for this collection is ETH so we will pick a special hour for minting so gas can be lower then usual.

Chris: Finally, please share the future plans for Yoseo Pawn Shop. How will you be sharing 10% profits with the holders each month?

Razvan: Here is the profit allocation plan that we structured for Yoseo Pawn Empire:

All owners of Gold Yoseo Pawn Shop NFts (first 1000 created) will split 10% of profit in first 1000 holders ,if we do the math it’s double Profit for the first holders . The 1000NFT that we created with over 200 traits, will have extra 10%  profits from Pawn Shop incomes, So basically after the profit are set every month, there will be 10 % for this new Gold NFTs and 50% from the Silver collection that we will mint on April 12 and the supply is 10000 NFT.

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