Different Merch is Available to Different Tier Holders — Founder’s Interview

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On this joyful day we are sitting down with Shroomer, Heys & Festral — Founders of Trollz Space Club NFT.

Chris: The story of the creation of the Trollz is intriguing. What were the first inspirations behind the development of the TrollzspaceClub NFT?

Shroomer: Growing up, Festral read the Three Billy Goats Gruff as Told by the Troll, by Nancy Loewen, and was always fascinated by its unique look. Later on in life, Festral spent many hours as a Troll Shaman on WOW and got the nickname a “Troll”. Festral always loved Trolls, and was intrigued by their crazy characteristics, which were crazy, obnoxious yet smart.

Chris: While the artwork is indeed quirky, the number of different features and trait differences noticed is unfathomable. How many trait differences are there exactly? How will the user be able to know which are the rare features?

Heys: 320+

Chris: Also, once a member of the TrollzspaceClub NFT, the investor is entitled to member-only benefits and a range of weird and wonderful beverages. What are these benefits and beverages?

Festral: refer to website

Chris: Soon, the first phase of the drop would go live. How many tokens will be released for sale in the first phase? What will be the price per NFT?

Shroomer: 900 & 0.065 ETH

Chris: Consequently, what is the date for the sale of tokens for the next phase? Will they be priced differently from the price of sale in the first phase?

Heys: Tokens will be air dropped to owners of Space Dust, date TBA

Chris: Additionally, how many tokens can an investor hold? Do you also have a transaction limit for each buyer?

Festral: No limit

Chris: Furthermore, there are merch drops along with token sales in the genesis collection. What is the different merchandise? Do you also have a plan of developing a merch store soon?

Shroomer: Merch store in dev atm, different merch is available to different tier holders

Chris: To close, do lay down some of your future plans for the TrollzspaceClub NFT for investor reference.

Festral: Refer to website roadmap.

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