Every Character has 4 Levels of Rarity, and Your Prize will Depend on the Rarity of your Collection — Creator’s Interview

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How’s everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Andras Kristof — Founder of Girls Robots Dragons NFT.

Chris: We have a plethora of artwork tokens released daily on the metaverse. How are Girls Robots and Dragons any different from the crowd?

Andras: There are three main differentiators. 

The first one is the utility. The NFTs have redeemable utility traits. Prints, paintings, drawings, all from the authors. There are a few “meeting” traits as well, whoever has that on their NFTs can book a 1-hour video meeting with the artists. 

Another great feature is the “autograph” trait – if you have one, you can ask the artists to sign your NFT with a personalized message.

The second differentiating factor is the gamification. A certain percentage of the sale go into a prize pool, and whoever collect the right combination of cards can automatically claim their prize.

Finally, there is the DUST proofing – over a period of a year each NFT will receive DUST tokens (think about it as a continuous airdrop) that will be about equal to the purchase price at the time of the purchase.

Chris: That’s interesting! So what exactly is the concept of the artwork behind these tokens? How have the three series been connected and yet maintained unique?

Andras: The artwork is a homage to the lifetime work of the authors – they have been working with all the great project – magic the gathering, world of warcraft, hartstone, star wars, blade runner – you name it. The artwork was created for this particular drop, and was made to summon all those memories that we had when visiting these great imaginary worlds.

Chris: It is noteworthy that only 3000 from the 9000 available tokens will be available in the first drop. When will the rest of the tokens be available for purchase?

Andras: Yes, and they can be acquired to complete your collection. But only the first 3000 will have the utility traits and the DUST proofing. 

Chris: Consequently, please explain the minting procedure for the first drop as well as the remaining tokens coming up later.

Andras: The first 3000 tokens can be purchased on the main sale, on the 7th of June, or on the presale a day earlier, if you have an ethercard, or if you sign up for the presale. 

The rest of the 6000 will be available a bit later, from an “NFT pool”, so people can complete their collection of 15 main characters. 

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: What would be the price at which the first 3000 tokens will be sold? Are the prices for the next drop any different?

Andras: The price of the first 3000 cards will be 0.07 ETH, and the 6000 will go for 0.05 ETH

Chris: Also, what is the card game associated with the NFT series? How will it be played? How will the investors participate in the gameplay?

Andras: It is a very simple collecting game, where you can collect the 15 main characters. Every character has 4 levels of rarity, and your prize will depend on the rarity of your collection. The prize pool will be filled directly from the sale, and submitting a collection will automatically result in the right payment as long as the prize pool has the funds.

Chris: Do you also have some super rare tokens available for minting? How will the investors be able to spot them? Will they come at a premium?

Andras: The rarest type, the “Legendary” version will be super rare – might not even occur naturally. But one can create one by putting the right layers together with a “rare” version of the character. 

We will provide “the Forge” where you can forge legendary versions if you have the right ingredients.

Chris: In the end, what is on the roadmap of Girls Robots and Dragons? What will be some of the exclusive benefits that investors should look out for?

Andras: The Girls, Robots, Dragons collection has amazing art from fantasy masters, and it has many, many utilities – including physical redeemables, online meetings and autographs. These are combined with a simple but fun game, and the all-important DUST proofing.

Girls, Robots, Dragons, or in short GRD is a statement of artistic quality, and a demonstration of the capabilities of the upcoming galaxis.xyz platform.

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