Exclusive Limited Edition and Rare Merchandise will be Available for Holders — Founder’s Interview

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Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Founder’s of TapeHeads NFT.

  • Soyuz Shrestha
    I am the developer on TapeHeads. My background is in Data Analysis. I co-founded Ethical Validators, a validating service on Polkadot and Kusama.

  • Angelo Gershon
    I manage the operations on TapeHeads. I am a Financial Analyst by profession. I co-founded Ethical Validators.

  • Elien Vandemaele
    I am the Artist for TapeHeads. Professionally, I am a 2D Artist and web designer. I founded Studio Bodin in Belgium.

Chris: Music could have had many representations. Why did you pick the cassettes to be representative artwork for your NFT?

Soyuz: We grew up in the era when cassette tapes were the primary form of music consumption. We wanted to bring back the nostalgia of listening to music on cassette tapes. The creative artwork of the album cover was an iconic feature of owning a cassette tape. Similarly, the TapeHeads NFT artwork serves as an album cover to our project that aims to build a community-driven music metaverse.

Chris: Moreover, TapeHeads is a collection of cassette tape artworks. What do the tokens look like? What are some of the key traits and characteristics?

Angelo: The TapeHead artwork extends to all areas of our project – such as TapeHeads land and avatars in our Sandbox 3D metaverse, and merchandising. The artwork is influenced by many genres in music such as rock, reggae, hip-hop, pop, etc. 

The rare traits include gold and silver tape and tape reel colors. In addition, the mixtape label is also a rare trait that comes only with gold and silver tapes. The TapeHeads come with hair and eye accessories, as well as cool music themed backgrounds. Check out our TapeHeads artwork on our Twitter and Instagram pages. We will routinely post sample tokens there until our reveal.

TapeHeads is not just an NFT artwork but a utility token. Some of the benefits of holding a TapeHeads NFT include –

  • Access to TapeHeads Land on Sandbox

  • Voting rights on the development of the metaverse

  • Cost-free rental on TapeHeads Land for events

  • Exclusive Sandbox avatars for early adopters

  • Exclusive first dibs on our future NFT collection drops

  • Exclusive limited edition and rare merchandise

Chris: Also, what are the SandBox avatars of the NFT collection? How can one get their hands on those avatars?

Elien: The first 2,500 minters of TapeHeads NFT will get airdropped a Sandbox avatar (excluding gas fees). Sandbox avatars are 3D versions of our NFT that token holders can use as their avatar on the Sandbox metaverse. After we reach our goal of 2,500 mints, the SandBox avatar will become available for purchase to anyone who owns a TapeHeads NFT. Mint your TapeHeads NFT to claim a free SandBox avatar as an early adopter at https://www.tapeheads.io! Learn more about the Sandbox metaverse here – sandbox.game/en/

Chris: Interestingly, there is a TapeHead land. What is this land, and what are the benefits of TapeHeads land?

Soyuz: TapeHeads land is in the Sandbox metaverse. The project has already acquired 25+ plots of land (see land map here) and we will be developing the land after the close of the TapeHeads collection public sale. TapeHeads land is an exclusive area for TapeHeads NFT holders that will host various music events and provide cost-free rental to any token holders to hold their own events and promote music in the metaverse. As the project continues to grow, we will create a virtual record store in the metaverse to buy/sell music of up-and-coming artists and creators in the TapeHeads community.

Chris: So, what is the price of one Tape Heads token? How much is the component of the gas fee?

Angelo: The initial cost to mint is .05 ETH. Our smart contract is optimized for low gas fees and as a result our gas fees are 50-70% lower than a conventional transaction. It is more cost-effective to mint multiple tokens at once. The max limit is set at 5 tokens per transaction. Here is an example of an actual mint (5 tokens) for $26 @ 45 GWEI gas on Etherscan.

Chris: To clarify, what is the token release date? What are the official channels of communication to be updated on the latest drops and rewards?

Elien: The official token release launch date was April 15. The public mint is now live. The official channel for communication is the TapeHeads Discord server. Discord will be used for drop announcements, updates on metaverse development, and voting on the development of TapeHeads land. Additionally, we will be hosting giveaways, listening parties, podcasts, and other music themed events in Discord to create meaningful interactions with our members.

Chris: In the end, what is the process of minting the Tape Heads NFT? Please share a detailed list of steps.

Soyuz: On desktop or laptop —

  • Install MetaMask or Coinbase wallet extension in Google Chrome browser.

  • Click on the “MINT” button to go to the minting Dapp.

  • Click on “Connect” to connect your wallet extension.

  • Select the number of TapeHeads you want to mint (max of 5 per transaction).

  • Click on “BUY” and sign the transaction on your wallet extension.

On mobile phone —

  • Install MetaMask wallet app and open the app.

  • Click on the Navigation bar on the top left and click on “Browser.”

  • Using the MetaMask browser, navigate to mint.tapeheads.io and follow the same instructions as above.

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