Holders will be Able to Smoke Cannabis Strains to Create Mutations in Their PFP NFT — Founder’s Interview

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How’s everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Micheal Soulfix — Founder of Faded and Famous NFT.

Professional Background: serial entrepreneur, started first record label at 17 in 1997, spent decades in web 2 design & marketing, label management, event production and music production & remixing. Their team is fully doxxed, LLC incorporated in Canada and project founders & devs have been KYC’d. 

Chris: Let me start off by asking you what you consider to be the most unique about the Faded and Famous NFT collection? What is the inspiration behind its creation?

Micheal: Faded & Famous is a project developed to honour our dear friend, Ozzy, who died in 2021 when he fell victim to spinal disease. We created F&F to create a legacy for our little buddy, to leave a lasting impression on the planet, like he left an impression with our family and friends. Inspiration is something in great supply on our team, as Ozzy was such an important part of all of our lives. 

For sure our stackable mutations protocol is the most unique part of our project. Ozzy NFT holders will be able to smoke cannabis strains (in the form of NFTs) to create mutations in their PFP NFT. These mutations include added utility, visual mutations (artistic mutations including some from guest artists, animations, trait upgrades etc) also, special functions, cloning, cross-breeding and much much more. These strains vary in rarity, potency, and effect. The effects are not random either, they are derived from the existing traits of the NFT smoking the strain, and are dependant on the strains the NFT has smoked in the past. With 350+ traits, and hundreds of cannabis strains planned for release, the gamification of our NFT platform allows for strategic investing through the use of particular strains in a particular order, or maybe you don’t smoke the strain at all, and hold out on the secondary market, for a buyer who covets that particular mutation. The strain minting also supports the coin ecosystem, as the strains can only be minted in ozzy coin, 25% of which are burned and 25% of which are folded back into our staking protocol. 

Chris: What are the different benefits for the holders of the NFT? How can holders subscribe to get all the benefits?

Micheal: Ozzy NFTs act as the all access pass to the Ozzy-sphere. This includes our project DAO, special events, community investment portfolio and so on. We’re also working to develop an emergency fund for our holders, to assist in pet related emergencies. 

Currently our marketing team is hard at work developing real world use cases for the coins as well, like special discounts with dispensaries, pizzerias and dog brands. 

Chris: Faded and Famous Art is dope. Can you tell our audience about your artists/designers? 

Micheal: Faded & Famous is the brain child of myself and our genesis artist “SYLR” who is just a fantastic designer with talent and experience with an incredible range of design tools and techniques. We’re very lucky and extremely proud to be partnered with such an incredible talent. 

Chris: Being a part of a community is always an advantage. Do you have an active community?

Micheal: We are just starting to build our community. This means you are early!! Focused on NFT collectors, dog lovers and cannabis fans alike, our community prides itself on giving every member an equal say, and equal voice and an open platform to suggest ways to improve or evolve the project. The community atmosphere is everything in our niches, be it dog rescue, NFTs or cannabis… all three are community driven cultural movements, and we only hope to unify those cultures even further. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Technicalities now… What will be the cost of one Faded and Famous NFT? How much of the cost would account for gas fees?

Micheal: Ozzy NFTs will mint at .33 eth, with whitelist mints costing .25 ETH.  Although our contract is gas optimized, those gas fees are not incorporated into the mint price. We will also be minting in low volume times during the week to further mitigate gas fees. 

Chris: How many tokens will be released for public sale? Do you also plan to have a presale?

Micheal: We will mint 10,420 OZZY NFTs. First our whitelist mint is 3000 units, then public mint of 6000 units. The remaining 420 are reserved for marketing, early investors, team, rewards and community building. 

Chris: In the end, please help us understand the key milestones you hope to achieve in 2022?

Micheal: We are proud to say that our project is built from the beginning. That means the dev work is done and we can immediately start to roll out staking features and strain mutations directly after mint. That also means that our road map is not focused on executing the project functionality, but executing the initiatives, like special events, charitable donations, further creative project innovations, advancing our utility & real world use cases, marketing & scaling and accomplishing our long term goals. This includes our most ambitious goals of  building an unbiased, ad free search engine that rewards users in OZZY coin, as well as our project’s main goal, to build the international “Ozzy Dog Sanctuary”, a facility to be made available to animal rescue teams around the world, for short and long term care of animals in transfer and rescue situations. 

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