Holders will Receive an Invitation to Participate in Reforestation Campaigns in Colombia — Founder’s Interview

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Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Nicolas: My name is Nicolas Galvis I graduated from business administration in 2015 at “Universidad del Rosario” in Bogota, Colombia, since then I’ve been an entrepreneur for seven years now, opened two businesses related to health close to my family business, I consider myself a good guy focused on helping others, the environment and specially animals.

Chris: The Cotton Top Monkey Club is a creation of digital art. How did they come into being? What is your story?

Nicolas: Approximately three years ago I met my girlfriend a very ecological person and passionate about the environment, animals, nature and meditation. Since then, we have participated in reforestation campaigns, protection of endangered species, donations and other great movements in Colombia. We have been enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and the new opportunities that come with them, but last year with the boom of NFTs it opened our eyes to start with our idea for the protection of her favorite animal, the Cotton-top tamarin, a critically endangered species and one of the rarest primates in the world.

My girlfriend Alejandra and me started with the initial sketches of the Cotton-top tamarins on October 2021, but since she is a dentist and I am business owner our artistic skills were limited but this didn’t stop us from finishing our initial design, from here with the support of a digital artist we started adding Colombian accessories to complete our collection.

Chris: Moreover, each Cotton Top Monkey NFT is unique in its own way. What are the important features of the tokens? How do you define the rarities of the NFTs?

Nicolas: First of all, they are Cotton-top tamarins one of the rarest primates in the world, so having this token will be completely unique, there are gorillas, chimpanzee´s and many other primates in the NFT world, but this monkey that only inhabits the Colombian tropical forest will make you unique and cool just as they are, also many have Colombian traditional colors and clothing’s.

Chris: Also, the Cotton Top Monkeys will be released in phases. What are the official release dates for each phase?

Nicolas: 1. Pre-launch from October 2021 to February 2022

In this phase we started creating the concept and design of the project, where we also decided to work with the Cotton-top monkey as the image for our NFT, it is an animal that is critically endangered in our country Colombia; we thought that he would be our central image and our projects name. After finishing our first Cotton-top monkey and with the help of our developer we concluded our complete NFT collection.

We created social networks (Instagram, twitter and Facebook) and our website in the search of building bases for a strong community where information and giveaways will be held, we also started our discord where we are in constant contact with the community and finally, we define the date of mint from our official site.

2. Launch April 30th

It will be held on April 30, 2022, the mint site will be ready, those interested will be able to mint one or more of our 8,888 Cotton-top monkeys or titis as they are called here, all with different shirts and accessories (many of them focused on the diversified culture in our country).

3. After Launch 10th of May to 25th of May

From the sales 25% will be donated to the foundations that have joined our project, with this funds we know that “Red de arboles” can reforest affected areas in our country and that “Projecto Titi” will encourage educational programs that can commit people living near the Cotton-Top monkeys and help protect them, also restoring its natural habitat.

Finally, that the two non-profit foundations achieve the creation of community empowerment programs and contribute with ecological research.

The NFT holders will receive a diploma that certifies their contribution to the Cotton-top Monkeys in Colombia.

4. Longevity June 2022

We plan to continue working with our community and the non-profit organizations that support the Cotton-top Tamarin and other species that are unprotected and endangered in our country, taking care of the diversity of flora and fauna found here. Create merchandise of our club and NFT holders will have discounted prices. NFT holders will receive invitation to participate in reforestation campaigns in Colombia and continue donations with these activities.

Chris: Similarly, what is the expected price for each Cotton Top Monkey NFT? How much is the gas component?

Nicolas: Each Cotton Top Monkey NFT will sell at 0.44 Sol, the gas fee is approximately 4 cents.

Chris: The project also serves an important cause. What is the cause you are supporting? How much of the proceeds will go towards donations for this cause?

Nicolas: The main reason is to contribute and support foundations, campaigns and in general anyone that supports the Cotton-top Tamarins and wants them preserved in their natural habitat.

We achieve this in three ways:

  1. Supporting “Proyecto titi”, a non-profit foundation that creates education programs for the conservation of this species, this programs focus on increasing knowledge and changing attitudes and behaviors of people that live near the monkeys. Also creating community empowerment programs and buying lands to mitigate deforestation in regions that the tamarins live.
  2. Working with “Red de arboles” foundation, who protect and restore forests in the whole country increasing the amount of habitable land for the Cotton-top Tamarins, guaranteeing long-term survival.
  3. Make visible this species, involving the public through an effective communication program to increase awareness and the will to support the conservation efforts of the Cotton-top Tamarin and the tropical forest.

To support of these foundations 25% of the income will be allocated to the two foundations, plus we will spend at least another 25% to engage directly with activities of education and support to the communities that live near the cotton-top monkeys to reduce deforestation and ease hunting of the animal.

Chris: So, how do the investors keep updated on the latest news at the Cotton Top Monkey Club? What are your official channels of communication?

Nicolas: The Cotton-top monkey club will be updated of our activities, donations and merchandise through our socials (discord, twitter and Instagram) and our webpage, the idea is to conform a family that not only just buy’s the NFT but continues engaged to the cause

Chris: The team behind the Cotton Top Monkey Club is small. How do the three members contribute to the development of the NFT?

Nicolas: Nicolas Galvis and Alejandra Gonzalez.

Our team is very small but it does not take away our intention to help, to improve and work for a cause that motivates us every day, each member has provided a grain of sand for the completion of the project. Alejandra made the connections with the non-profits and with me made the initial design, my father Eduardo helped us to hire the developer for the smart contract and webpage, Tayyab our developer has always been supportive with our idea and helpful in all areas. Our team became a family that works properly and hopes that the project prospers and gets love from everyone, so we can generate the desired impact.

Nicolas Galvis, Project Manager

Alejandra Gonzalez, Strategy and Community

Eduardo Galvis, Investor

Tayyab Saleem, Developer

Chris: Lastly, how do you plan to augment the scope of Cotton Top Monkey Club in the interest of your investors in 2022?

Nicolas: We want to continue growing as a community, as I wrote before, to create a family that supports many ecological campaigns in the world, I don’t know if it can be said but I would like to create a kind of green NFTs, which is a visible way to contribute to the world, raise awareness and change negative habits that we have had for many years.

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