Meta Circus will Bundle the Synergies of Future Crypto Innovators — Founder’s Interview

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Today we talk to René and Stefan, Co-Founders of Meta Circus world. With degrees in engineering and marketing, the two have been working together for 15 years and have been focusing on crypto and blockchain for 7 years.

Chris: Meta Circus World NFT will be one of a kind digital innovation hub in the blockchain. Please explain to the readers what this is all about.

Stefan: The release of our Innovation Hub (stage 6) is the final stage of our exciting journey through space. This arduous journey there took place over several stages and we want to let people participate in it right at the beginning via a metaphorical story and of course a lot of rewards. With the innovation hub, we have built an environment where people drive each other to innovate and create. People can offer their services, advertise, build their flagship, collaborate, secure work, get paid and have fun.

Chris: Similarly, the theme is to get together, create together, and grow together. How do the innovators come together, and what growth possibilities are there for the users of Meta Circus World NFT?

Stefan: Imagine a new society on an alien planet. How do you go about it? You start from scratch. You only have a chance if you work together and bundle your synergies. Our platform provides an environment for future innovators to be creative and shape the world of tomorrow. The world of crypto and NFT is still very young and a journey into the unknown. The majority of people have heard about it so far and that’s it. BUT THE SPACE BELONGS TO EVERYONE. Our environment gives everyone the chance to participate. You are a blockchain professional? Cool, find your workspace, offer your services, be innovative or help people navigate the blockchain world. You have no idea what it’s all about? No problem. Take the services, learn, grow! 

You are an artist? You don’t have to be a development professional to offer your art. THE SPACE BELONGS TO EVERYONE.

Growth opportunities for users? The journey into space starts with a boarding pass sale. There are five different types with different probabilities of rewards. As a pass owner, you are a pioneer. You pave the way to new realms and are rewarded with at least 34,000 MECUS tokens to spend and other benefits.  The journey has just begun.

Chris: In addition to the innovation hub, you also mentioned different stages on the way to the platform launch. What role do NFT collectibles play in this and what can we look forward to with the mystery drops?

Stefan: The NFT collectibles are part of our creative process and describe the story of our hub and we like to compare it with a journey into space. Important factors here are, for example, having the right team (travel buddy) around you.

As far as the mystery drops are concerned, we would only like to say that such a creative process is not always characterized by high phases. Quite the opposite. What challenges are you confronted with? How do you develop yourself? How do you deal with obstacles that are put in your way and who can you trust? 

We would like to artistically address all these points with the NFT collectibles. The community can look forward to more exciting rewards and artwork.

Chris: What are some of the rare features of the NFT? And what are the key traits and characteristics of the token?

René: The NFT collectible images are designed in a combination of 3D, comic style and animations. They are meant to reflect our development process in an artistic way.

MECUS is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary utility token and the token used in the Meta-Circus world for every kind of transaction.
Your activity in the Meta-Circus world offers the additional possibility to earn MECUS tokens. Offer your service and share your experience. Gain attention in the community and earn additional MECUS tokens to grow faster. Ticket holders will receive their tokens as airdrop at the beginning of the land sales.

Chris: Moreover, what is the price of one Meta Circus World NFT? How much of the cost component accounts for gas?

René: In stage one a boarding pass costs 0.05 ETH.

In total there is a limited amount of 10,000 Boarding Passes, which are divided into 5 different levels with different levels of rarity. Each level guarantees certain rewards depending on its rarity, such as a certain amount of MECUS tokens as well as whitelist spots and free airdrops.

The Cosmic casual NFT, your ultimate travel buddy, will cost 0.07 ETH.

Our development team is determined to keep the gas cost as low as possible and make the contract cost efficient.

Chris: Please describe the minting process of the token to the readers.

René: From now on the purchase of boarding passes is possible without restrictions in the public sale. You can access the Mint homepage via our homepage 

A snapshot will be taken on the cut-off date of 26th May 2022. All holders of a boarding pass whose addresses were recorded on the snapshot day will be able to mint their NFT on the mint day 29th May 2022.

Level 3,4 and 5 holders will additionally receive their free airdrop in parallel.

If not all boarding passes have been sold by snapshot day, the remaining NFT will be sold in the subsequent public sale.

Additionally we will give away 2000 whitelist places for activity and challenges in social media and discord. People have to register with their ETH address until snapshot day and can mint their NFT on mint day.

Chris: Finally, I would like to address charity. We live in a crazy world. What are your plans?

René: Our community will vote and decide. That is the plan. We will donate 50% of our creator earnings to the campaigns of your choice. Safe this beauty we all call home. YOU decide!!

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