NFT Itself can Serve to Enter Concert Tours, Soccer Matches, Streaming Rooms and Much More — Creator’s Interview

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On this joyful day, we are sitting down with Horacio Lampe — Perception Face Blockchain Team Leader.

Chris: The Founder Pack of Perception Face NFT is an attempt to innovate in the world of entertainment. How does the NFT do that? In core, what is the central theme of the token?

Horacio: The revolution that NFT technology achieves is beyond measure, however, the secret of our collections is: We guarantee a later use of our NFTs, so that they do not remain as a work of art locked in a wallet with no future use. This allows us to increase the value of our NFTs. Precisely the philosophy of post-purchase use of the NFTs by the user is supported by the associated products of each NFT.
Our token PFACE COIN, will be the currency of exchange in our ecosystem which is being developed within our platform, which will be in constant updates, on its way to becoming a crypto-art social network and NFT innovative marketplace with superior functionalities to the marketplace of the competition in general.

Chris: Similarly, what is the social aim of the NFT? How and what are the social benefits of the technology through the Perception Face NFT?

Horacio: The social objective is that all our smart contracts are programmed so that part of the proceeds of the collections go to NGOs and sensitive social causes. Our state-of-the-art technology benefits the NFT purchase process and ensures that the resources obtained immediately contribute money to a Foundation or organization that protects and safeguards basic human rights.

Chris: What are the giveaways associated with the project? More importantly, where should one go to remain updated on the dates for these rewards?

Horacio: NFTs increase in value according to the value of the collection. The answer requires several points of view. The crypto art lovers, the real artists, collect their crypto arts, it is a passion. Speculators expect the increase in the value of the collection. However, the value of the NFTs in our collections lies in the use that as a product the NFT is associated with: Helping social causes, being part of Clubs, receiving free downloadable packs, entry to special rooms in the metaverse, receiving physical gifts. The NFT itself can serve as subscribers to enter concert tours, soccer matches, streaming rooms and even the NFT allow to raffle experiences in events with artists and athletes, or digital goods, skins, avatars or marketable physical goods.

Chris: How does innovation take place in the digital world for bringing together artists and fans through the token?

Horacio: We are a company that will produce our own events, empowering our marketplace, behind each physical event, we will make the virtual replica of the event and support the advertising promotion through NFT and collections with social benefits. The tokens of the platform will only facilitate the exchange of our collectible artworks.

Chris: So, how are the tokens designed? What are the main features of the artwork?

Horacio: The NFT are born in our creative workshop inspired by the characteristics of the artist or athlete who is the flagship of the collection, each artwork is unique, unrepeatable and the ownership of each of them is associated with the blockchain to ensure its owner the legitimacy and ownership of the cryptographic work and that he will not have obstacles to enjoy the products associated with its exclusive NFT.

Chris: Consequently, how have the tokens been priced? What is the cost of minting one NFT including gas?

Horacio: The price of each collection depends on the offer of the NFT collection, the degree of difficulty of the NFT design, if the NFT is 2D, 3D, since the professionals in charge of modeling and rigging dedicate invaluable hours of work to the artistic development of each NFT, the price of the NFT will also be influenced by the cost of the associated products that are offered as accessories to the NFT as a special advantage for its buyers.
The gas paid through the polygon network is extremely low, for a few cents you can mint a non-fungible token and thus avoid passing on substantial costs to users.

Chris: Additionally, what is the minting process for the NFTs? Is there any transaction limit to minting the tokens?

Horacio: There is no limit to mint NFTs, however, we want to encourage the realization of collections with limited supply in order to give value to the works of the artists of our creative workshop based on the exclusivity of their designs, is to place special rarities that enrich each work, even more when we accompany them with hand-painted oil paintings as products associated with special NFTs that receive important people in the art world. Right now the minting process of our collections is internal and does not generate friction or cumbersome processes for the user, soon to complete the technological development of our marketplace, users will be able to place their collections in our marketplace with 3 or 4 clicks easily and quickly.

Chris: Before closing, please share your plans for the future of the Founder Pack Perception NFT.

Horacio: The limited supply of our founder pack, will be sold over time until its existence is exhausted and only our worldwide work at the level of events, will enhance the value of our collections, especially if we promote day by day crypto art, products associated with our NFT, aid to social causes and events with unforgettable experiences with TOP artists and athletes. The proceeds of these collections will allow us to build our social network of crypto-art and provide content creation tools to content creators who love art and thus be able to provide a dynamic and attractive marketplace for the marketing of their cryptographic works.

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